Sunday, January 8, 2017

Freebies this week

 Not really free since I pay for my own health insurance, but I did have a full physical today. All of it should be covered except for the EKG is I had one in April. Some medications were changed, but as I fully funded my HSA account for 2016 I have funds to cover  The new medications came to $847.00 for a 90 day supply.    Ugh.

Then I went to Kohls as it was in the same town as my physician.  I had a $10 Kohls cash and I wanted to get it used up before I forgot about it. I ended up spending out of pocket an entire $.51. I now have a very nice stocking for the Uncle, and a package  tissue paper.

Then I went to Bob's as I had a $10 reward certificate. It's amazing how high priced things are. If I had bought these three items, which were the ingredients to make a pot of chai it would've been $30. They still owe me a few cents. No money came out of my pocket.

Then I went to Panera. I had a reward that was going to expire tomorrow. Have you been on Panera's website? They have challenge games and if you complete them you get rewards added to your my Panera account. I had three dollars off of the salad and after discussing with  physician some of my Crohn's disease issues we decided I am going to go back to the way that I preferred to eat until I see my gastroenterologist in February. I explained to her how following the approved diet actually made me be in more pain and have more bleeding. So we're going to try eating my way and see what the Gastro says. So  I got a full Cobb salad and a large coffee and a bagel to bring home for a little less than eight dollars. But I had a very old gift card in my purse, so old that everyone commented on how old it was with a dollar in change on it and I had the $10 bonus gift card that I received when I purchased my daughters holiday gift card back in December.  So the entire meal was free to me and grandpa P got to have a bagel with his tomato soup.


  1. Sandie, google the name (s) of the Rx(S) and go to the manufacturer's websites. Often, especially for higher cost RX's, there are co-pay reduction programs as well as coupons. Worth it to check! I found $90 towards my $125/3 month supply co-pay for a new to me RX. So yes, time well spent! HTH

  2. I agree with CTMOM! I have a zero copay for my MS drug thanks to the company who makes it! You could do very well - especially if there are competing medications! Worth checking out!

  3. Fantastic job on your freebies again! Love that stocking, btw.

    I checked My Panera Rewards account and there's nothing new for me. I had taken challenges over a year ago and nothing new has been added to my account since then, although I've eaten there several times. Oh well.

    Sorry about the cost of your drugs. I hope the way you prefer to eat continues to be an improvement over eating the "recommended" way and that your gastro is on board with it, Sandie. It must be so frustrating.


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