Sunday, January 15, 2017

Freebies, Deals and Steals

it was a great week for freebies, Facebook sales and online deals.

Last Sunday when at BJ's Wholesale the cashier mentioned there was a short dated coupon on my receipt.  $10 off renewal!  Expires in 5 days.  Our membership didn't expire til March, but I used that coupon anyway.  I'll take $10 off my renewal.  We are now good til March 2018.

First, LL BEAN emailed me and it said I had ANOTHER $10 off anything.   I ordered another gun sock!   It has arrived already!!

I spent $30 on some deeply discounted gifts which are packed away with the rest of the previous purchases.    4 Rubbermaid totes filled!

I sold a vintage stereoscope that we enjoyed when we got it years ago but have had it packed away.   We sold it for what we paid for it!  $45

I received a $10 off anything at Best Buy.   I went through Ebates, puta 24 pack of AA batteries in cart with store pickup.   With tax I paid 5.49

I got a free can of soup by using my Stop and Shop card.

A pinchme box with dog treats, lots of coupons.    One for a FREE Barilla Pesto.  Another for a FREE photobook  Not sure how I feel about the lubricant.   😳


  1. OOOhm, I'm supposed to get the Barilla Pesto in my box too but I haven't gotten the box. They sent me the lubricant the last time when I had said I didn't want it. Oh well. It probably won't go bad, keep it for "later", I hear older women frequently need it.

    How awesome is it that you sold the stereoscope for the same price as what you had paid for it years ago?!

    Great week for frugality, indeed! Way to go. By the way, I noticed that had a printable for those Bush's Cocina Latina beans that I think Grandpa P. had liked so much... If you do Swagbucks, print it via Swagbucks coupons so you can earn 10 SB when you redeem it.

  2. I've never heard of pinchme. I signed up. Will wait and see.


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