Sunday, January 22, 2017


I am finding it exhausting to do my usual activity level.   I am assuming it is due to the visual problems.    So I have to sit and close my eyes between tasks.    It is frustrating, but since this is my new normal I need to get used to it.  

I made DH soft pretzels.   I announced it smelled like PA Lancaster County.     He disagreed.    No cow pasture smell.    Made me laugh.    I just make pretzel sticks, here is what is left..... so I assume they were good. 

I also made coconut oil Banana bread with walnuts

Then I made the original toll house cookie recipe from my latest antique cookbook purchase.   I am really enjoying reading it.    Here are photos of the cover and copyright page.   The recipe too!!


I cut the recipe in half and did not add the nuts.    I also didn't use a teaspoon, so I made 24 larger cookies instead of 50 smaller ones.

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  1. Everything looks so delicious... I've got to stop looking at the pictures! We prefer no nuts in our cookies as well. You are a trooper and baked more with your eye problems than I do without!


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