Monday, December 26, 2016

The Day after Sale

This year I planned on going to Target.   I was up at 5 am, read for a while, went back to bed.  Up again at 6 and took a shower.  Really hemmed and hawed about going as I wasn't in the mood for crowds.  But I went.  Glad I did.  I was feeling Hefty when I left the store.  Get the puns yet?

The only truly Christmas only items I bought were a box of holiday crackers (think Boxing Day) and some beautiful large linen dishtowels (5). 
The rest though a bit holiday themed so it was marked 50% off will be used year round AND I had coupons. 
Gorgeous 4 jar set of blue canning jars, final price $1.89
9 jar wide mouth larger jar set of regular clear canning jars final price 5.99
Two large twin packs of Rubbermaid takealongs (big round ones)
two packages of cut out three d decorative bows (in brown neutral colors for crafts)
4 glass Pyrex 4 cup with lids bowls (have snowflakes on them) these were my best score, $2.49 each
12 boxes of Glad holiday ziplock bags
2 large hefty round three packs of containers
2 glad square three packs of containers
a dozen bread baking pans (decorative for giving away)
After coupons and gift cards I paid $45.42 out of pocket   I didn't pay the difference of what was over $200.00.   And I am set for storage for at least two years as I reuse bags (with a good washing) that only held veggies or baked goods. 
I still had three boxes from my last holiday haul two years ago.
And I left plenty for other people. 

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