Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Nice Freebie

I am so loving these Stop and Shop offers!  This one is a useful freebie.  Got this email late last week

Item was a NEW product to the store, 7 ounces was on sale for $2.99

Yes Please!

I picked up the unsalted version today when I went to order my
Nature's Promise Fresh Turkey for .99 a pound PLUS $5 off coupon.

Thanks to Carol at CTONABUDGET for cluing me in.

Update.    Made money on this deal!


  1. Sandie, how is it that you are getting these S & S freebie emails? I don't get them.

    1. Carol, I think it is because I have the Stop and Shop App on my pad with my card loaded. You can also download coupons right to your card via the app

  2. Nice! Checkout 51 is also offering a $1 rebate on it through tonight!

    1. And I just submitted my receipt. Thanks Nathalie!


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