Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Farmers Market 11/13/16

Uncle treated this time!   He had his out of town God-Daughter with him, so I think he wanted to show off a bit.  I asked him not to several times, and then decided to let him feel good. 

Carrots, Broccoli Rabe and Swiss Chard from my Market Share Farm "Four Root Farm" These cost $9.00

I paid $3.25 for this loaf of light wheat sliced bread.  Unusual for there to be sliced bread at the City Seed Bakery Table.

Sourdough Boule Uncle bought, $2.75

Broccoli, 3.00

 And what I have been waiting for, Brussel Sprouts!    $6.00


Over a pound of these cabbage tasting greens

Naked Stalks

Almost half a pound of the sprouts

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