Thursday, November 17, 2016


DH made sausage and potatoes as well as grilled some chicken breasts he had pounded.  Served with assorted veggies, we had odds and ends left over.  What to do?  Make soup!  I took all those protein and veggie leftovers, added some escarole and boxed chicken stock and voila!
What to do with leftover pancake batter (both 'white' and buckwheat)?

Mix the batters together, add three eggs
Saute leeks in butter

Add leftover swiss chard and use immersion blender to pulverize

combine with batter/eggs, add cheese, put into greased pans

Voila!  Savory pancake puffs

I also prepped and froze 3/4's of the ten pound pork loin I bought.  DH roasted two pounds of it with Kohlrabi greens and rice.  I also made a small meatloaf with leftover meatball mix I had frozen for Gpa P.
Using it all up!

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  1. That soup looks sooo good! It's gotten breezy here by the lake, although temps were warmer than usual today


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