Saturday, November 5, 2016

Been In A Funk

Have been keeping super busy but not feeling 'it'.  

Been feeling overwhelmed by work, family, illness of a dear friend and my own illness (though mine is nothing like my friends)

I haven't been cooking or planning as food has not held any interest for me in many ways.    I did make pumpkin soup and chili 🌶 for the day my sister arrived.  

I hardly saw her.  That made me sad.  

I haven't been grocery shopping much for the above reasons.  

The men have been fending for themselves.  

I am hoping the produce is not spoiling.  

The business is ok.    I have had some fulfilling moments with students.   This our last year on the lease.    Preliminary negotiations went well.   I had some students go to competition this weekend.    First time, I encouraged them to go for the experience without anticipation of placing.    One young lady has only been studying for 10 months.    Her tenacity inspired me.

I have been dealing with holiday purchases.    DH is done.     DD is done.   Pops is planned.   Uncle is done.   Various gifts for friends.      I have made a lot of them.   I am looking forward to wrapping gifts in pretty and unique ways.

I had been pushing myself to walk and exercise more than usual.   Some days 15-16k steps.    I think it was too much.   I was feeling wiped out and exhausted.   I have to remember I have an auto immune disease.

We got two trick or treaters.    DH was thrilled.   I have already taken down all the Halloween decorations at the house.    The studio I just do pumpkins and flowers/leaves.  

He has been working a temp job which is almost up.    I pray something permanent comes of it.    No word on that yet.   I think this is partly why I am in this funk.  

My Birthday is coming.   It is a milestone number.   Just a number.   Since it is so close to Christmas I have asked to go back to PA so that I can enjoy the holiday season there as my gifts.   I would like to see what it is like there this time of year.    We are staying there 3 nights later in the month.  We are staying somewhere new as our usual place is booked.   I am really looking forward to it.  

No need to comment or send encouragement.    I am ok, just wanted to explain why I haven't been writing much this week.  

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  1. Well I'm sending you (((HUGS))) anyway. I just finished typing on my own blog that I was in a funk and didn't feel like doing anything either. I'm sorry you're struggling with so many things. I agree that you might have overdone with with all the steps. Exercise is a good stress reliever but as you said, you have to remember that you have an auto-immune disease too. I hope your husband find a new position, Sandie. That's got to be so stressful. Congratulations to your students who went on to competition. I hope they do well!

    You are well ahead of me as far as Christmas is concerned. I feel that I have almost nothing and can't even think of anything to get anyone, including their stockings, nor do I feel like going shopping. I'm blah. I just wish the holidays were over already. I told Greg that I didn't want to have our usual Christmas buffet this year because we overeat so much, but today he said he and our son will take care of making sure we have a Christmas buffet because they love it. Well... OK then! Although just the thought of how much they will spend (because Greg has no common sense when it comes to grocery shopping) might just jump start my "enthusiasm" for it!


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