Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Another New Crockpot (referral link to ebates)

Gotta Love Kohl's!    I pay attention to their deals, I think their regular prices are sometimes a bit out there, but boy, if you play the coupon/sale/promo code game well you can really score. 
As regular readers know, I love my crockpots.  I gift crockpots, I use them every week in my own kitchen.  Thanksgiving Dinner uses every crockpot I own.  I can never have enough of them. 
Kohl's had a deal.    This is what I paid out of pocket according to my receipt
 showing the codes I used. 
Order Summary
HONOR10- $10.00
TURKEY30- $6.00
Shipping & Surcharges:FREE
But WAIT!   It gets better.     I have a $10.00 rebate that I just mailed off today.   Down to $4.88
But WAIT!!  It gets even better.  I went through EBATES and got an additional $1.12 off.  Making my final total $3.76.  I received it yesterday, here is a pic!  A 7 quart crockpot for $3.76    The rebate comes on a VISA card, I will then turn around and buy an Amazon giftcard with it.  This is what I do with all these little rebate cards. 
If you haven't been using EBATES, I suggest you do.  I try to make all purchases through their site, most online retailers are affiliated with them.  I get a check each quarter.  They have ranged from $14 to $80+ over the years.    If you are interested in benefitting us both, you will get $10 and I will get $25 if you start shopping through EBATES.   Here is my referral link. 
Thanks, and grab those deals!


  1. I've got that one in PURPLE! 8-)))
    All 3 of mine will be put to work this Thanksgiving.


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