Thursday, October 27, 2016

Tree, Meals, Snow and my Sister is flying in!

I hope you can see the snow.  I have tried twice to upload videos, guess I am doing something wrong.
My sister is flying in from Florida for a week!  Haven't seen her since January.  Very excited.
So, I made her this today
Pumpkin soup!  Her favorite
I made my DH this
chili no beans
And I also made this!
Mushroom, Chicken, Mandel stoup.  The stock was from the chicken I roasted Monday, with roasted veggies.
On Tuesday DH made me this
Lobster risotto, with stock we made in July and froze.  Frozen lobster meat.  I have been eating it all week for lunch/dinner.
We also had the tree adventure begin. 
It's been a busy morning here today!
Oh, did I mention the snow?

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  1. Your husband cooks for you?!?! Lucky!

    Enjoy your sister's visit! And the snow! (although I'm glad it's you and not me, snow is pretty to look at but that's the extent of my liking it!)


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