Thursday, October 20, 2016

Meals this week

 Meals this week  Sunday we had a purchased at Stop & Shop for $1.99 a pound after a minimum purchase and coupon a delicious (so the men said) beef roast. Husband made a marinade without pepper as the Uncle cannot longer eat pepper. And he cooked it on the grill. I made roasted potatoes carrots and onions as well as broccoli Rabe.

Monday I made crabcakes.   The men had thinly sliced beef on onion rolls with thinly sliced onions.
 I had crabcakes that I had made from scratch. This was the first time I've ever tried to do this. I'm happy to say it was quite easy, and now it's another dish that I will no longer order and restaurants because I can make it home.  Gpa P didn't care for them (more for me!!)

I chopped green onion (garden) peppers and shallots (farmers market organic share)

sautéed in olive oil
Can of crab leg meat.  Cheaper than lump. 16 ounce at BJ's warehouse club for $6.99 after coupon
egg (I would do 2 in the future) Dijon mustard, worstershire sauce, seafood seasoning (Bays)
Mix very well
well blended. 
Panko and more bays
before baking.  I think an additional egg would have made them hold their shape better, and I would have not been so nervous about shaking off excess panko coating.   Drizzled with EVOO and baked at 400 for 20 minutes
Yummo.  I added a Tbsp of Roasted Garlic Aioli (another gift from last year)
Tuesday we had panko crusted chicken cutlets (DH has me buy breasts and he cuts and pounds) with white buttered rice and carrots/green beans.

Wednesday (yesterday) we had leftovers

Today (Thursday) will be meatballs/sauce and pasta.  I froze a container of sauce with three meatballs for me and DH on a day it's just us and we don't have time to cook.  I also made a pumpkin streusel from a Williams Sonoma gift received last year.   It's not gluten free, but I did taste it.  Very rich (two whole sticks of butter!)  I will have spaghetti squash with my meatball.

Tomorrow will be whatever is left (and there really isn't much)  Hopefully some pasta and meatballs. 

For lunches this week GPA P and I had leftovers (I had all the crabcakes but the one that he tried)    I also made a small meatloaf that the men of been snacking on after I made 17 meatballs.

 DH get's lunch at the café at his temp job.  He also packs peanuts and beef jerky.   Breakfasts have been oatmeal, cereal, Johnsonville turkey breakfast sausages (my new favorite) and GPa has had his 5 eggs twice (yes, 10 eggs one week, it's a losing battle.  Oh, and one each time for his dog.)


  1. A tip for the crabcakes: add some mayo. Yup, that's what resaurants I have worked in use (upper scale Inns). Also, I recall that you have had gastro issues. You referenced gluten free in this post-did you use GF panko? Finally, are you on any other food restrictions? We're a GERD family it seems here, and peppers are hard on us, but we are on RX for that, and DD has IBS-D, so no onions. Just curious, share if you chose/not, no worries. : )

    1. Hi Carol, though I try to be gluten-free, since starting the new prescription meds I can tolerate a little bit of gluten. These Panko breadcrumbs are not gluten-free. Rob peppers do not agree with me. Any raw vegetables are a risk for me to consume. Certain cooked vegetables don't bode well either. Peppers will repeat on me but they do not cause me any other stomach issues. Raw onions are not a good idea for me. I've stopped eating sweet potatoes no matter how I cook them I suffer for days. I can tolerate winter squashes and summer squash is it cooked well. The only lettuce I've been able to tolerate is bibb or butter lettuce. tomatoes in very small amounts. I used to eat tomato sauce like soup. I would take a bowl and eat with A spoon. I can't do that anymore. I mainly eat eggs, poultry products, cooked too much vegetables, seafood. Mainly baked fish. I do use organic butter. I said try to stay away from vegetable and corn oils because I've noticed today cause a problem for me. I only use olive oil or grapeseed oil. I hope I've been helpful

    2. My there were some interesting typos. I stay away from vegetable and corn oil's as they tend to bother me.

  2. I've never seen crab leg meat and the "crab meat" that I have seen at our supermarkets has been super expensive, but you put me in the mood for crabcakes so I'm going to try and find some (I don't have a BJ membership) and maybe I'll make some for Christmas.

    I laughed at GPa getting his "5 eggs twice". I'm guessing his doctor told him to only eat 5 eggs a week? My grandfather was told to stop smoking and drinking red wine but he told the doctor he had already lost his 2 legs so he would keep on smoking and drinking as much as he wanted. He was already in his mid 80s with a pretty poor outlook so I thought "good for him!".


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