Monday, October 31, 2016

Grocery Totals for the Month of October

Goal is no more than $400 for food items. 

October 1st Big Y $13.04 after Tax and Deposits (do they have soda/bottle deposits where you live?) we bought 4 twelve packs of Diet Orange.

October 2nd Farmers Market $22.00 bakery and squash

October 2nd Connecticut Natural Produce Market $41.90 Prepared Chicken Cutlets  (1.5 lbs) Prepared Ribs for DH lunch (1.5 lbs), Bibb Lettuce, Deli Tuna Salad and Seafood Salad, .5 lb of chunk blue cheese, Cinnamon Stick and Chocolate Croissant (DH Sunday sweets, I really gotta start baking again) Large Batard of sliced Sourdough, 5.72 lbs of Sugar Pumpkins.

October 3rd Shoprite $61.77 (I'm noticing the sales the beginning of the month are much better the than later in the month)=  4 boxes Barilla Penne, 1 box Barilla shells, 1 box Barilla elbows, 3 boxes Ronzoni lasagna (thinking ahead to holidays) 2 Shoprite Organic vegetable stock, Grass fed Beef tenderloin shrinkwrapped (holidays) Combo pack of Bottom Round Roast and Stew Meat, 3.87 lbs of Broccoli Rabe (all blanched and frozen), a pound of mozzarella, 32 ounce container of Ricotta, box of 8 Johnson turkey sausage.  I thought this trip was a score!

October 3rd $81.62  BJ's Warehouse Water (2 cases of 40), 4 Pack of Heinz Gravy (thinking ahead, these were very large glass jars), Johnsonville breakfast turkey links (3 pack), Salmon, Beef Jerky, Special K, LOL light butter, Skippy Peanut butter twin pack and Milk.

October boxed Order. $2.96   Case of Gatorade, warehouse size twinpack Jif.  (uh oh, guess we don't need PB for a year)  Three pack Swanson broth

October 5th $7.44 large bag M and M's (DH request) a large bag of Hershey dark chocolate kiss and a free Tropicana lemonade

October 7th $18.41 10 lbs of onions, celery, lemon poppy seed bread and sesame sticks.   

October 10th Stop and Shop $50.10. They had some great coupons in the flyer this week.   18 count eggs .99.    I got another 4 pounds of broccoli rabe for .99 a pound.  A huge cryovaced eye of round roast 7.19 lb for just  $17.90 after coupon.  3.2 lbs of 85% lean ground beef.   7 triple zero yogurt with 2 for free with personal savings.  Ritz crackers, 2.4 lbs sweet Italian sausage, and 6 lbs of assorted winter squashes.

October 13th  28.72 after Saving Star refunds and coupons.    A case of Tuttoroso Tomatoes (12 large cans), 3.68 lbs of Ground Beef, 3 Pillsbury refrigerated bakery (2 biscuits, 1 cinnamon roll) 10 lbs of potatoes, Gallon of milk, Broccoli Cheddar Soup (splurge) Hellmann's Mayo 30 ounce , 4 lb bag of Sugar.

Plan is no more proteins UNLESS it is whole turkeys or turkey breasts.  Halfway through the month, and I only have $72.04 left.  I will be finishing my Market Share at edgewood market by the end of this month.  I have been blanching and freezing a lot of the vegetables I have gotten this month.

October 16 $34.00 on baked goods at the farmers market.  (DH came with me, lol) 

October 20th $20.55 Target after coupons and 5% discount for using Redcard (I always pay it immediately off at customer service in cash)  20 assorted Chobani yogurts, 4 cartons of College Inn broths and two 8 ounce countainers of very nice looking mushrooms (I rarely buy fresh products here, but these looked beautiful, and I haven't had mushrooms in a while) priced at $1.79 each.

October 22 $17.89  at Big Y after SavingStar and Ibotta refunds.  Coffee Mate creamer quart (for Uncle), Gallon of Milk, Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix (freebie) Thomas English Muffins (B1G1F) pound of Tyson bacon and a 1/2 gallon of Apple Cider.

$400.40 spent!    BUT, again I have a lot in freezers and some of the purchases were for Holiday.  I am so excited at my staying so within my new budget. 

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