Sunday, October 2, 2016

Farmers Market and I caved

So, today I spent $22.00 at the farmers market.  What did I spend $18.00 of it on?  There was no line.  It seemed alot of people were boycotting this particular tent today.  I was surprised as we do not get there at the opening bell anymore.  There was a full tray.  I bought 6 guessed it..........

Those darned amazing tasty English Muffins.  I split them all in half and froze all but one of them. Don't judge people.  I held out for a while..........LOL @ me.  

I did purchase through Amazon the tins and I have the recipe to make my own, just need to get mentally prepared.  

The other $4.00 was on some beautiful yellow and green summer squashes.  6 lbs.  Sorry, didn't take a picture. 

Here is what I got from my market Share. 


Orange and Red Beats (already sliced, cooked and frozen) greens saved for later. 
White Japanese Turnips, tops cut off and washed to be added to another soup creation this week

Very sweet tomatoes and peppers, aren't they pretty?

More okra and eggplant.  All cooked and frozen. 

All veggies are organic.  


  1. Everything looks delicious! And, you lucked out that the weather was so much better for the farmer's market today rather than yesterday! Funny thing about SoNo.....I have been consistently noticing over the past few weeks that there line has been MUCH shorter or non existent on Saturdays as well. I even mentioned it to my husband last weekend. I wonder if maybe there were some grumblings about unfair practices on Saturdays too...

    1. I have noticed their slower business too. Uncle was not happy I gave them $$ and he was angry the girl who we based our complaint against was still working. They were polite to me, but the dynamic has definitely changed. So sad.

  2. The veggies look delicious but those English muffins are making me salivate!

    1. Once I find the best recipe to make our own I will publish it.

  3. those must be crack infused English muffins....
    by the way - my sister used some recipe from King Arthur Flour for English muffins - swears by it!

    1. I don't know what they do to make them so delicious (I don't even butter them) but MAN are they good. I will check out the King Arthur recipe, thanks for the tip!


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