Monday, October 17, 2016

Farmers Market 10/17

Didn't get all produce photographed before I prepped.  3 bunches of Swiss Chard were not photographed. Stems were removed and it was patted dry and put in a ziplock bag for later in the week.  I also got celery for the first time.  Much smaller than what you would see in the store, more leaf then stalk.  Very sweet.  I prepped all of it for meals to come.   I paid no monies for produce.  I STILL have market share money left.  Wow, this really did pay off.  I may rethink doing it again.

Below are two bunches of Kohlrabi (so glad to have some more of that) and one pound of carrots.  A second pound of carrots was prepped for Sunday dinner.

Some nice looking peppers
Two onion baguettes (they use a different name but this is what I'm going with)
Plus two sourdough boules.  I froze one sourdough.
2 rye breadsticks and 2 large pretzels
Yup, more English muffins now in the freezer.  Again, no line, DH went right up and ordered. Hmmm

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