Sunday, September 4, 2016

What has been cooking?

The last low sodium cooks ham that I got for .69 a lb earlier in the year.    Gpa P loves ham, I treat it more like a condiment.   Men ate it with beans and potatoes.   

Remember the free broccoli I got?    Here it all is combined with onion and a small amount of ham.   I made up a total of 4 gallon bags to freeze.    I combine it with eggs and a bit of cheese to make quiche.    I also mix it with cheese and mustard and bake in either phyllo dough or crescent rolls.  


Broccoli ham quiche, almost burned it!

Swiss chard

Eggplant tomato and basil stew

DH requested fried chicken from Shoprite Wednesday, and I was able to score an 8 piece for just $4.99.

Last chicken pot pie and sausage pot pie from Stolfzus' Meats in PA.   Good thing we are going back soon.  

I had some shrimp and rice that I had frozen into meal sized containers on Thursday for lunch and dinner.  

Burgers and Sausage patties also from Stolfzus, grilled yellow squash, rolls, potato

Lunches have been tuna, quiche, peanut butter, leftovers, fried chicken 

Breakfasts have been mccain's baby cakes, cereal, eggs, toast, quiche


  1. What a great idea to freeze the broccoli and onions like this for future quiches! Did you chop the broccoli in the food processor? I love quiche, I could eat it every day.

    That eggplant and tomato stew looks so wonderful as you get ready to cook it. How did it turn out?

    1. I did use the food processor, a great tool. I make this stew regularly, it's quite tasty. I am not a vegan/vegetarian at all, but I do prefer vegetables over meats.


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