Sunday, September 18, 2016

Weird Al

I don't go to shows very often. I tend to like silence or just spoken word when I am not at work. I do not even listen to music if I'm driving because I find it distracting. I have to figure out time and key signatures… Then I start arranging the music in my head for my ensembles. 

This show was so enjoyable.   It started on time (another reason I don't want to attend the shows. I tend to compare them to how I run my own performances, and I like promptness, clean language and staying on schedule)

I enjoyed every second.   Did not want it to end.    We had orchestra lower box seats, and my husband insisted that I must have had discount code, though I did not.   We paid $123 for both seats including the fees.    I do not know how that happened as the box seats at the box office when we were looking tonight were 93.50 each.   SCORE!

Finale complete with storm trooper

Not really a frugal nights except that we got the tickets at such a low cost. But I feel a blogger asked me to share photos so here you go Nathalie!


  1. We took the family to a Weird Al concert back in 2003 after the release of the Poodle Hat album. Oldest son was a BIG fan then.
    We all had a great time. It was a lot of fun. Glad y'all went and had a good time.

  2. Ha! you are the 2nd person I know who attended that show yesterday! Glad you enjoyed it.

  3. Sorry I'm so late replying! Thanks for all the pictures, how awesome of you to do this and also take the videos for me. I have received them but haven't had a chance to view them yet.

    You really did score on those tickets! Maybe you got some kind of early bird special. Regardless, you had great seats!


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