Sunday, September 4, 2016

Produce from Farmers Market

Growing increasingly disappointed with Edgewood City Seed Market.   What was once so enjoyable is now stressful and disappointing.    Hardly any vendors, I am finding fellow customers to be pushy and rude.    I plan on using my share up and not returning the rest of season.    I do love the farm my share is with, but I won't be renewing as none of their other locations will work for my schedule.   

No out of pocket money.    All from share.   

Eggplant, tomato and peppers

Salad mix, Swiss chard, Chinese broccoli and purple long beans

Carrots, onion and okra


  1. You are an okra fool now, aren't ya? ;-)

  2. I always loved Okra, just never found it fresh before!

  3. Ah that's too bad. Those vegetables look amazing!

    1. I am saddened by the decision too. City Seed runs 5 markets throughout New Haven, the biggest one is the Saturday market which I just cannot get to. It is huge, sometimes over 30 vendors. Also very crowded. The Sunday market used to have about 15 vendors last year, sometimes more. This year there are only 5 regular vendors. I think it has just made the customers very pushy to make sure they get what they want. I purchased a 500 dollar Market Share (and they upped it to 550 as a thank you when the season started) I have been getting more than usual to just finish it up (and prepping/freezing the excess for later in the year) It's just not fun anymore.

  4. I would tell the vendor how you feel. Also, whoever runs these might need to know what is happening. I don't think that 30 vendors is a huge market. That is the size of the one near me. I have got to remember to go tomorrow. Do you get to pick the food or is it boxed up. The reason I ask is that I would not want okra or eggplants.

  5. I will let my farmer know that the decision has nothing to do with them. The Sunday market I think has lost so many vendors because of the area it is in. We have also spoken personally with some reps of the market AND my Uncle had a phone conversation with the. director herself. Here, in a suburban/urban area 30 vendors is huge. I get to pick my own produce. One of the few farms that does a Market Share insteD of. CSA share.


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