Thursday, September 22, 2016

Meals this week

Sunday breakfast was McCain's babycakes, eggs, bacon, toast.  Rest of the week is croissants (freezer) english muffins (big y and bay's) turkey sausage links, cereal.

Lunches have mainly been leftovers and last of cold cuts.

Dinners chicken escarole soup, grilled chicken breasts with rice, pork pepper pot stew, london broil and mashed potatoes.  Ground Turkey with eggplant and indian spices.   Various veggies.

I am making sure I make double batches of things so there is an assortment of leftovers for Gpa P as we will be away Friday through Sunday.  I have subs for my students.  Woohoo!

Here is a photo of the finished Pork Pepper Pot stew.  Leftover pork cubed from last week, jalepenos, roasted and fresh peppers, Goya Large dried white corn (hominy?)  Two packages of Goya Sazon, last carton of turkey stock, onions.  Lots of onions.  I can't eat this due to the heat and my gastro issues but Gpa said was a winner.  Not as good as the Escarole, but he was happy.

I also made fake baked potato soup (cauliflower, butter, onion, celery, chicken stock, blended with cheese and crumbled bacon)  I hope that will tide him over while we are away (Fri - Sun)  

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