Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Meals this Week and feeling accomplished

Sunday was my Scirarcha chili.  

Monday was my first morning completely alone at home for over 5 months.  DH went to his NEW (be it temporary) job this morning, and Gpa P went boating/fishing with friends. 

What a difference it is when I could do tasks uninterrupted.  Meatballs and Sauce made so that DH didn't have to do anything but cook pasta when he got home from his first day of work.

Mushroom with Chourico Sausage Ragout made for Tuesday, just need to make the polenta.

All receipts and papers filed away from January through September (yes, I tend to throw into a basket until I get some alone time) I get easily thrown off track when everyone is home.

I will admit, I was a bit sad and lonely at first, DH is my BFF and we don't do alot of things apart.   But he does need to work, not only for our bottom line, but his own independence and sense of self.  It can't all be about me and my work!  I also did a bit of weeding.

Tuesday I did laundry, a bit more weeding and cleaned the bathroom.   Had to be at the studio by Noon so not to much down time.   I also am happy that I called Capital One and asked them to waive the $39 member fee they charged me.   I have never had this fee before.   They did, "as a courtesy this one time".   

Today I ran to Kohls and TJMaxx with 20 dollars to spend at each.   Starting holiday shopping.   I also went to Target and Starbucks. I will post what I got later tonight.   I tried to sleep in but didn't happen.   Also finished paying all personal and business expenses and finished pay compensation for co-educators.

Thursday sleep in.   (This means 730 if I am lucky)  Hang the curtains that I got free months ago with Kohls Cash.

Friday Repair appointment for out side by side fridge/freezer in kitchen.  The freezer has water coming out of the bottom of the door.  DH and Plumber friend couldn't find anything, so now that DH knew a paycheck was coming from his end he told me to schedule appointment.

Saturday recover from late Friday early Saturday teaching schedule.    Usually have to nap when I get home.

Sunday we are going to see Weird Al. Probably go out for a meal.


  1. I am so jealous that you're going to see Weird Al! I turned my kids on to him years ago and now they're even bigger fans than I am.

    We used to always turn on "Trapped in the Drive-Thru" whenever we'd go to a drive-thru and my daughter and I would sing along. She and my youngest son pretty much know all his songs by heart!

    You did a lot of work already this week! Your chili looks delicious. Enjoy the rest of your week. Let us know how the concert was!

    1. Then you and the kids would enjoy the irony that when my husband and I got married (after 11 years together), our daughter planned the wedding and it was a drive-through Vegas wedding. Because daddy eats a lot of McDonald's and mommy doesn't like it lol

    2. Seriously?! That's hysterical! She's a daddy's girl, isn't she?

      On a somewhat unrelated note, I've been spending more money than usual at McDonald's because of their darn app. They always seem to have such good coupons and it's really close to my house... Greg and our son are not complaining, lol.

      I shall think of you and your husband next time we play the song. As a matter of fact, next time we listen to Weird Al.


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