Sunday, September 11, 2016

House Party Chatterbox Bush's Sriracha Beans

  Here is my House Party page saying I was chosen to be a Chatterbox for Bush's Sriracha Beans.   This means I will get a can of beans in the mail, coupons to share, and have to post a blog (well, of course I would) post, FB post, or twitter account of my thoughts on the product. 

In order to get picked, you need to apply obviously, and do three tasks.  I had to Tweet about the product, FB share about the product and post a pic of me with the product.  I think the pic helped me be chosen.  I captioned it Cha Cha Cha Sriracha Bean's.  LOL

So, my package arrived.   It is a large can.  

Husband thought they smelled very vinegary.   I could feel the heat in my nose when I took a strong sniff.    I decided to make a chili.    4 organic purple peppers, 3 organic onions, last of some organic Cherry tomatoes starting to get a bit soft.    Browned 20 ounces of ground turkey breast.    Here is everything step by step.  

It is not too spicy.    Just a tinge of a pepper Gpa P gets to enjoy the entire pot.    He loves spicy.  It does smell delicious!!   I would purchase again for him to enjoy.    His review is excellent!


  1. Your chili looks delicious. Thanks for the review. I'll see if they come on sale. Bush's Best beans are my favorite.

    I used to be a Houseparty members years ago. I guess that if posting on FB is a requirement nowadays, though, I can't join again as I'm not on FB. Oh well!

    I thought your photo caption was very catchy!

  2. Thanks Nathalie! Gpa P has requested I get more.


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