Sunday, September 11, 2016

Boxed review (referral link)

I received a promo card for      Free shipping AND $15 off of a $79 order.     Since DH is going back to work (started Monday, and it is only a 3 month position). I had received a request to start planning lunches again.   He isn't a typical sandwich guy when it comes to work lunches.    Dried fruits, nuts, veggies and dip.   Peanut butter and crackers.    Some things I can buy in bulk and repackage.   Some he prefers not.    So I checked this out.  

Prices were sometimes great, sometimes average and sometimes not a deal.    But I was able to find enough that were a good deal.   I also went through Ebates and got another 1% back.    It was delivered UPS, which I liked better than when Amazon Pantry comes USPS.   As a mail delivery person Mom I had guilt when I saw the young girl struggle. With the big box.   

It came in 1 DAY!   Free next day shipping.    Amazing!    Box is huge.   I paid $71.29 and 24.99 of that was coffee.   All the prices were better than Amazon.   Also from my price book.     I was quite pleased.  

Remember, most of this is for DH lunch treats.    Should last at least the 90 day position.   

See the free mango V8?

Cornmeal is for baking and okra frying.  

Huge Scirarcha sauce.  We are almost out of Pam.  

I would do another deal with them if I had free shipping and/or a coupon code.    On that note, I can get up to two $15.00 off deals if someone tries them and uses my referral code.    You would get $15.00 off too!    Below is my code


How it works:

Give a friend $15 off their first Boxed order of $60 or more.
Get $15 in Boxed credit for each friend you refer after their first Boxed delivery.

The more you share, the more you earn!

*Max 2 per household


  1. Thanks for the review. I read it a couple of days ago and had to think about it. Coincidentally, American Express is offering a $20 statement credit for a $50+ purchase on Boxed (you have to have the offer in your account and activate it first). So I placed an order using your link, got the $15 off, made sure that my total was above $50 (I reached $50.54) and should get the $20 Amex statement credit.

    I got some huge jars of Nutella andsome Trolli sour worm packs that will be Christmas presents, some tape that I needed, Barilla pasta (can never have too much pasta in the house and I might give some to my college kid too), coconut milk (I've been reading a Sri Lankan cookbook and they use a lot of coconut milk) and a bottle of Sriracha hot sauce but only because I needed something cheap to get to the $50, lol. So not bad for the $30.54 that I will have spent after the statement credit. Not sure that I would use the service otherwise. The selection is pretty limited and I can do much better at the grocery store with coupons. But it was nice to knock off a couple more Christmas gifts, lol. Thanks!

    What are you going to buy with your $15?

    1. Gee Nathalie, I am honored! I don't think I will get the referral credit though, as you got a better deal and only had to buy $50 and then you're going to get 20 back. My referral link says he has to be used on the $60 order or more. But don't worry about that I'm glad I at least give you some positive feedback on it, so you could try it and get a really good deal. I think I need to start using my American Express card because you're getting all these great kickbacks. I'm ging to have to look into my card, and see if I have the same kind.

    2. I don't think I explained this properly! You should get the referral, I think. The offer didn't say that I had to spend $60 after the coupon, but that I would get $15 off if I ordered $60 worth of merchandise. I ordered $65.54 worth of stuff. That gave me the free shipping and your referral coupon of $15, which brought my total down to $50.54. I charged it to my Amex after uploaded their offer to my Amex account. Amex will credit $20 to my Amex account since I spent more than $50 (they offer said "get a $20 statement credit if you spend $50 on". There weren't any restrictions stating "Can't be used with another discount" and Boxed itself doesn't see that I'm getting another $20 off. So I think you're good.

      Yes, if you do have an Amex, you should definitely log in to your account once in a while and see what offers are available. Since your hubby likes to eat out, there are often offers for restaurants. The offers do vary by customer and type of Amex so sometimes I see people discussing a very good offer that Greg and I didn't get (grrr). You HAVE to "unlock" the offers, though. They don't automatically get loaded. Meaning, you have to go through the list and save each one to your account. If your husband has a different card number, then log into HIS account too and do the same on his, you never know. Greg and I have the same account but different card numbers (I'm an authorized user on his account) and we can each take advantage of the offers separately. A lot of the offers that we get are for stores or websites that we would never use, they must think we're rich or something, but once in a while there's a really good deal. Unfortunately, they don't email you to tell you what's available, you have to go check them out yourself.

      Anyhoo, I hope you get your Boxed credit!

    3. We both do have our own American Express accounts but rarely use the cards I'm really going to have to check this out it'll go on my mental to do list for this afternoon. Believe it or not I'm already at work I've been here for 45 minutes and the students start arriving for 7:30 AM. And thanks again for the credit. I guess I have to look into my box Account to see if it's there would be very exciting if it is. I really like the iced coffee kit that I got in my order. I normally just make my own cold brew with my own ground coffee and my French press… This was quite convenient I took two of the pouches threw them in my French press with 4 cups of water and left it in the fridge for almost 48 hours. Has a nice chicory flavor. Half coffee concentrate half water load up with ice I'm good for the morning. And didn't stop at Starbucks. Have a great day

    4. Oh, and you should definitely pay with your Amex even if you don't have the Boxed offer in your account because they sent me an email that I'm now enrolled in "Boxed Gold", their new loyalty program until August 10, 2017, because I paid with Amex. It says I will get free shipping on all eligible orders and 3% back in Boxed Cash Rewards to spend on future purchases. "Offer cannot be combined with any other promotions/offers/savings". It looks like the free shipping might only be on orders $50+.


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