Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Well, I did it!

I asked my husband is okra still a vegetable (technically a fruit as it has seeds) if you batter it with cornmeal and fry it?   His reply......NO!  It becomes candy!

Sluggy and Nathalie will be proud of me.   I did it!   And it was delicious.  (Spoken in Terri Hatcher on Seinfeld manner.   They are real, and they are fantastic!).     I sliced the okra.  I soaked it in egg. 

                                       I dredged it in seasoned cornmeal



                       After DH made French fries I tossed the pieces into the already hot oil.  


                       Between the seeds and the frying I hope I do not suffer, but right now.
 I am so proud of myself.   So good.  Very easy.   If they have more okra next week I will buy it again! 


  1. Look at you! Congratulations, you're a Southerner! They look delicious, you should come here and cook some for my husband, lol. I hope your digestive system agrees with them. Are you allowed to eat fried foods?

    1. My definite off limits are raw veggies/fruit, seeds and nuts. But honestly, only salmon, hard boiled eggs and roasted to mush beets are my definitely won't bother me foods. I lived on raw veggies prior to Crohn's diagnosis. Getting better at trying new ways to cook veggies, but really miss my big salads.

  2. I am proud of you(says Sluggy as she bestows an honorary Southern badge to Ms. Sandie)..... 8-)))


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