Sunday, August 28, 2016

Putting up for later in the year

Did our Farmers Market trip yesterday, and I spent $8 out of pocket for 4 lbs of zucchini and yellow squash.     I will cook the yellow squash tomorrow, but the zucchini was shredded for future meals.   

Okra was blanched and frozen

Carrots were blanched and frozen

Onions diced and frozen 

I also got a lb of spring mix, 3 bunches of Swiss chard,  3 containers of fairytale eggplant (24 fruits total) , a container of very sweet cherry tomatoes and three large slicing tomatoes.   All of these items were from my share.   

I also got some large cucumbers from our neighbor.   We (well I didn't have any) used two in a tomato onion salad.   The last one I sliced into strips and put it in a just finished jar of pickle juice.  


  1. Well done! I've never blanched vegetables prior to freezing them. Is that necessary? Do you find that your vegetables taste better? Or do they freeze better and become less mushy?

    1. I always thought it helped maintain the color and texture. Just 2 minutes in boiling water then plunge in ice water


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