Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Meals enjoyed this week


Sunday we were at an event out of state and ate there.    Gpa P and Uncle had hotdogs with corn on cob, baked beans and deli salad. 
The rest of the weeks proteins were from the freezer.

Monday DH and Gpa P had more hotdogs and the fixings.   I had shrimp and rice with roasted veggies with enough portioned out for Tues-Fri.    One more serving for Gpa for lunch.   

Tuesday DH made BS chicken breasts with chopped salad and mashed potatoes

Wednesday was leftovers

Thursday leftovers (all gone!)

Friday Jewish deli grated by the uncle

Saturday Baked Ham And potatoes, yellow squash and baked beans

Sunday (tomorrow). guests at a picnic

Breakfasts were fresh fruit, yogurts, hard boiled eggs, jones turkey sausage, English muffins, cereals

Lunches leftover pizza, leftover shrimp and rice, leftover chicken and chopped salad.  Tuna salad, cold cuts, egg salad, swisschard deli takeout leftovers

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  1. A nice variety! Hope that you are feeling better!


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