Sunday, August 14, 2016

Meals 8/15-8/20


Remember the ham from last week?    Well, for some crazy reason my elders didn't care how hot it is, they wanted split pea soup.    Yes readers, I did.   Thank goodness for crockpots.  


Surf and turf Monday.   I asked DH to pick up salmon, and I guess the steaks called out to him.    Baked potatoes and onions and Italian peppers.   I actually ate salmon through yesterday (Thursday)

I browned thick pork chops and put them in the crock pot with cream of mushroom soup, lots of onions and black pepper.   

chicken sausage and Swiss chard. 

Chicken drumsticks marinating to be grilled on Saturday 

I thought I had a turkey in the chest freezer but it turned out to be ANOTHER HAM.   That is in the fridge defrosting for the end of next week.    

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  1. Lots of ham, luckily it's so versitile! How about a frittata or quiche? Beans and ham? LOL on the soup, but heck, they were happy right?


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