Tuesday, August 30, 2016

August Grocery budget

New budget $400.00.  Which I could not stick to.    We did eat a lot of proteins from freezer.    I still have a lot of these purchases to go into September.   I spent 601.75.    Some was DH going to the store and I was trying very hard to be on the nose with our spending.  I do think 400 will be hard, but I could have done it if I didn't go to BJ's or if DH hadn't gotten that steak.    I am writing all this to be honest and accountable.    I will see if I can do $400 in October.  We are very low on proteins now except for cheese and eggs.  

Walmart 7/29 $67.84 Stok Iced Coffee (used 1.50 coupon), 18 yogurts, 3 lbs. of Premio Sausage, 6 lbs. of bacon, 5 lbs of Jones turkey breakfast links, 1/2 dozen reduced bakery donuts and 1/2 dozen reduced bakery croinnuts.  DH hated all so they got fed to the birds.

Farmers Market 7/31 $32.50 Mainly baked goods, 3 sweets, 3 english muffins, two sourdough boules (large)  Most frozen for later in week.  3 peppers.  Rest of haul was Market Share.

Bakery 8/2 $7.00  I had to take my Mom (I know, I don't talk about her much) to an important eye appointment, and we always get her donuts from a bakery near her as a treat.  DH loves their coffee cake, and I got two donuts (which I regret eating throughout the week but  they were delish)

Stop and Shop 8/3  $60.05 after coupons and SavingStar app.  6 bagels and 6 rolls from the bakery $3.94 after store coupon.  Cantalope, large package of  cut fruit, 4 nectarines, 2 bananas,  3 lbs onions (2.00 off), 2 sour cream, package of cream cheese.  Stok coffee 48 ounce (1.50 coupon), Caribou Mocha coffee (FREE!) Deli American Cheese, Roast Beef, Buffalo Chicken, Roasted Chicken, Turkey Breast.  Two 35 pack spring water.

Shoprite 8/4  36.21  3 cases Poland Spring Water (stocking up, 3 for $10 PLUS....) I got a 6 pack of Poland Spring sparkling water FREE.  2 bags chips (DH cannot eat a sammy without chips) Large Can of soda crackers (2.99) a Gallon of milk (1.99 with coupon and 25 dollar purchase) and the previously mentioned 12 Pc for 9.99 fried chicken.

Big Y 8/4 $4.00.  I flew in (and the manager laughed as I trotted by and said you look like a woman on a mission) and grabbed a cart.  I was on a mission.  I got the max 5 dozen eggs for .80 cents each.  We now have 7 dozen in the house, this should last til I find another great deal on eggs.  Though I have noticed egg prices have gone way down.  Have you noticed?

Farmers Market 8/7 23.75.    2 pastries, two loaves of bread.  3 English muffins, 4 ears of corn.   Rest of produce was from Market Share.

8/9  DH went to produce market and spent $17 on veggies to make his chopped salad.  He got some deals, we are loaded with peppers now, .99 a lb.  I might have to dice and freeze some.

8/9 Shoprite $32.43 after coupons.  3 lbs bananas (free! store RR) whole watermelon, cantaloupe, 2 Stok coffee's (I have to start making my own coldpress again, I have pounds of coffee to use up) a pound of Baked Smithfield Ham, pound of Gourmet chicken breast, a pound and half genoa salami.  Another dozen eggs (store special to compete against Big Y...,79 a dozen) another large can of Boticelli EVOO, didn't need it, but had a RR for 2.50 off.  Loaf of round sliced italian bread.

8/9  CVS FREE with earned giftcard.   3 boxes of Cheerios, 4 bottles of premier protein drink, and a snickers bar.  Plus some other items that were not food related.  After coupons, ECB's out and ECB's back $10.23 off the card.

8/12 Big Y $29.52.   Two 8 packs Gatorade, 3 large pop chips assorted flavors, 2 family size UTZ potato chips, a large bag of Quaker popped rice and 2 jars claussen pickles.   

8/13 produce market.  $25.93.   4 pcs fried chicken for DH lunch.  Broccoli rabe and sausage stuffed bread, two dels lemonade and 2 lbs split peas.     I went for the peas and chicken.   Oopsie!

8/14 $14.00 farmers market.   Out of pocket funds went to 2 pastries, 3 English muffins and 4 large zucchini.   

8/15 DH picked up salmon and apparently couldn't resist steak.   $40 ugh

8/21 Farmers market 9.50 broccoli, squash and corn.   Rest was from market share

8/21 CT Natural foods produce Market 9.60  lemonade, English muffins and donuts. 

8/22 Shoprite.  Total fail!!!!   Looked at expired flyer. Chicken legs, eggs, cheese, water.   $45

8/24 Shoprite  18.88. 3 cases water, pound cake, 18 pkg eggs, cauiflower, 1.75 lbs broccoli(FREE with RR) split chicken breast.  

8/25 100.07 BJ's warehouse with DD.  Case pelligrino, case Poland springs seltzer, 2 bags chips, gallon milk, bread two loaves, has so mint chocolate yogurt and cookie dough yogurt, descent roll dough, shredded parm, crabmeat, DH's favorite cookies, one other thing I cannot decipher from receipt and cannot remember but know was all edible.  

8/28 $8 for squash and farmers market

8/28 $20.47 a lb of store breaded and fried chicken cutlets, 2 pastries for DH (half the price of SONO) celery, 6 cider donuts and bagel chips. 

We still have lots of water both still and bubbly, heads of broccoli and. Cauliflower, all chicken purchased in freezer.   Eggs and cheese.  Crabmeat.  All frozen yogurts, lots of veggies processed for future meals.   Still have on unopened jar pickles.   1 bag of chips, 1 loaf of bread,  farmers market sourdough in freezer.   Let's see how I do in September.   I will follow Sluggys lead and only do the loss leaders and mark downs for meats.  


  1. You got some free stuff, good for you! Maybe your husband should stay out of the grocery store though... side trips like the $40 in salmon is going to kill your budget if you're hoping to keep it at $400 in September:)

    I wonder why you are buying all that bottled water. Is your tap water not any good? Could you perhaps invest in buying a Brita filter for the tap or a Brita pitcher or equivalent?

    Good luck in September! I'll be trying to stay under $400 as well. The hardest part is going to be to try ignoring the meat clearances as I just cannot fit anything else in the freezer. We need to eat down what I have already stocked!

    1. I drink tap water when home and bring a reusable bottle to work. We also like to keep a store of drinking water as we lose power a lot. DH takes bottled water with him as he freezes bottles and uses them as cooler for foods he is bringing.

  2. Yes, it may seem like a lot and over budget but when you break each trip down, you really did score some deals! Plus, as you stated, some of the purchases weren't consumed this month and are carry over! Don't worry....I have faith that you will be able to crush it in September!!!


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