Tuesday, August 30, 2016

August Grocery budget

New budget $400.00.  Which I could not stick to.    We did eat a lot of proteins from freezer.    I still have a lot of these purchases to go into September.   I spent 601.75.    Some was DH going to the store and I was trying very hard to be on the nose with our spending.  I do think 400 will be hard, but I could have done it if I didn't go to BJ's or if DH hadn't gotten that steak.    I am writing all this to be honest and accountable.    I will see if I can do $400 in October.  We are very low on proteins now except for cheese and eggs.  

Walmart 7/29 $67.84 Stok Iced Coffee (used 1.50 coupon), 18 yogurts, 3 lbs. of Premio Sausage, 6 lbs. of bacon, 5 lbs of Jones turkey breakfast links, 1/2 dozen reduced bakery donuts and 1/2 dozen reduced bakery croinnuts.  DH hated all so they got fed to the birds.

Farmers Market 7/31 $32.50 Mainly baked goods, 3 sweets, 3 english muffins, two sourdough boules (large)  Most frozen for later in week.  3 peppers.  Rest of haul was Market Share.

Bakery 8/2 $7.00  I had to take my Mom (I know, I don't talk about her much) to an important eye appointment, and we always get her donuts from a bakery near her as a treat.  DH loves their coffee cake, and I got two donuts (which I regret eating throughout the week but  they were delish)

Stop and Shop 8/3  $60.05 after coupons and SavingStar app.  6 bagels and 6 rolls from the bakery $3.94 after store coupon.  Cantalope, large package of  cut fruit, 4 nectarines, 2 bananas,  3 lbs onions (2.00 off), 2 sour cream, package of cream cheese.  Stok coffee 48 ounce (1.50 coupon), Caribou Mocha coffee (FREE!) Deli American Cheese, Roast Beef, Buffalo Chicken, Roasted Chicken, Turkey Breast.  Two 35 pack spring water.

Shoprite 8/4  36.21  3 cases Poland Spring Water (stocking up, 3 for $10 PLUS....) I got a 6 pack of Poland Spring sparkling water FREE.  2 bags chips (DH cannot eat a sammy without chips) Large Can of soda crackers (2.99) a Gallon of milk (1.99 with coupon and 25 dollar purchase) and the previously mentioned 12 Pc for 9.99 fried chicken.

Big Y 8/4 $4.00.  I flew in (and the manager laughed as I trotted by and said you look like a woman on a mission) and grabbed a cart.  I was on a mission.  I got the max 5 dozen eggs for .80 cents each.  We now have 7 dozen in the house, this should last til I find another great deal on eggs.  Though I have noticed egg prices have gone way down.  Have you noticed?

Farmers Market 8/7 23.75.    2 pastries, two loaves of bread.  3 English muffins, 4 ears of corn.   Rest of produce was from Market Share.

8/9  DH went to produce market and spent $17 on veggies to make his chopped salad.  He got some deals, we are loaded with peppers now, .99 a lb.  I might have to dice and freeze some.

8/9 Shoprite $32.43 after coupons.  3 lbs bananas (free! store RR) whole watermelon, cantaloupe, 2 Stok coffee's (I have to start making my own coldpress again, I have pounds of coffee to use up) a pound of Baked Smithfield Ham, pound of Gourmet chicken breast, a pound and half genoa salami.  Another dozen eggs (store special to compete against Big Y...,79 a dozen) another large can of Boticelli EVOO, didn't need it, but had a RR for 2.50 off.  Loaf of round sliced italian bread.

8/9  CVS FREE with earned giftcard.   3 boxes of Cheerios, 4 bottles of premier protein drink, and a snickers bar.  Plus some other items that were not food related.  After coupons, ECB's out and ECB's back $10.23 off the card.

8/12 Big Y $29.52.   Two 8 packs Gatorade, 3 large pop chips assorted flavors, 2 family size UTZ potato chips, a large bag of Quaker popped rice and 2 jars claussen pickles.   

8/13 produce market.  $25.93.   4 pcs fried chicken for DH lunch.  Broccoli rabe and sausage stuffed bread, two dels lemonade and 2 lbs split peas.     I went for the peas and chicken.   Oopsie!

8/14 $14.00 farmers market.   Out of pocket funds went to 2 pastries, 3 English muffins and 4 large zucchini.   

8/15 DH picked up salmon and apparently couldn't resist steak.   $40 ugh

8/21 Farmers market 9.50 broccoli, squash and corn.   Rest was from market share

8/21 CT Natural foods produce Market 9.60  lemonade, English muffins and donuts. 

8/22 Shoprite.  Total fail!!!!   Looked at expired flyer. Chicken legs, eggs, cheese, water.   $45

8/24 Shoprite  18.88. 3 cases water, pound cake, 18 pkg eggs, cauiflower, 1.75 lbs broccoli(FREE with RR) split chicken breast.  

8/25 100.07 BJ's warehouse with DD.  Case pelligrino, case Poland springs seltzer, 2 bags chips, gallon milk, bread two loaves, has so mint chocolate yogurt and cookie dough yogurt, descent roll dough, shredded parm, crabmeat, DH's favorite cookies, one other thing I cannot decipher from receipt and cannot remember but know was all edible.  

8/28 $8 for squash and farmers market

8/28 $20.47 a lb of store breaded and fried chicken cutlets, 2 pastries for DH (half the price of SONO) celery, 6 cider donuts and bagel chips. 

We still have lots of water both still and bubbly, heads of broccoli and. Cauliflower, all chicken purchased in freezer.   Eggs and cheese.  Crabmeat.  All frozen yogurts, lots of veggies processed for future meals.   Still have on unopened jar pickles.   1 bag of chips, 1 loaf of bread,  farmers market sourdough in freezer.   Let's see how I do in September.   I will follow Sluggys lead and only do the loss leaders and mark downs for meats.  

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Putting up for later in the year

Did our Farmers Market trip yesterday, and I spent $8 out of pocket for 4 lbs of zucchini and yellow squash.     I will cook the yellow squash tomorrow, but the zucchini was shredded for future meals.   

Okra was blanched and frozen

Carrots were blanched and frozen

Onions diced and frozen 

I also got a lb of spring mix, 3 bunches of Swiss chard,  3 containers of fairytale eggplant (24 fruits total) , a container of very sweet cherry tomatoes and three large slicing tomatoes.   All of these items were from my share.   

I also got some large cucumbers from our neighbor.   We (well I didn't have any) used two in a tomato onion salad.   The last one I sliced into strips and put it in a just finished jar of pickle juice.  

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Farmers Market and No More SONO Bakery (UPDATE!)

John the owner of SONO has forwarded us his cell.    I am letting Uncle handle the call.    I still won't patronize them, but I am curious as to what the discussion will be.    The nature of the market has now been tarnished in my eyes.   Not so much because we didn't get to purchase what we wanted but because the rules seem to be bent by this vendors staff on more than one occasion.     I will miss their muffins though!

I spent a whole $10.50 on zucchini, corn and broccoli.   

   The rest was from my market share.  Lovely Swiss chard, fairytale eggplant and tomatoes

Onions, beets and okra

  I also will no longer be doing business with SONO Bakery.    On more than one occasion I have witnessed them bagging up product requested by the same person before "the bell" and then taking the cash after the bell.   In the past when I witnessed it happen they just said what we wanted wasn't put on truck.    This time we pushed the topic more, and the semantics used was that they hadn't sold the product yet.    No apology, actually we were treated with indifference and rudeness.    It was suggested that the items had been preordered (the entire time the person who had bypassed the rules was laughing).   My reply to that was a preorder should come bagged for the customer, not taken from the trays for the market.    Shrug was the reply.     As you all know from my posts, I have spent quite a bit at their booth over the years.    No more.   I speak with my dollars (and the emails I sent to city seed and the bakery).  I truly do not expect a reply, but know I was clear and to the point.   

Flowers in the garden

Now you will know my favorite colors.    

The weather this year really has my mums confused

I just planted these perennials earlier this week. 

Come on mums!   It is only August!

Snap dragons that reseeded from last year.   

Gladiolus from last year.  

Day lilies. 

Horseradish from garden

Didn't get much, but boy did it clear my sinuses when I took a whiff!   

Freebies this week

Did anyone else become a member of the pancake IHOP club?    Ion ally do not eat here, but figured I might take someone who likes pancakes.     Note your freebie expires 14 days from day it is sent to you.    A free full stack 3 times a year.      

I also decided since I have a few projects that are scholarship based or donation based that I really do need to find out more about non profit status.    So, I found a used copy of a book on the subject for a penny and shipping is 3.99.   However, I used my Amazon points.   So free!


Thursday, August 18, 2016


I had posted a few days back a toning 30 day experiment.    I have been able to do it except for the length of time the planks are up to now.     Due to past shoulder injuries and needing to use my arms every day to play I have not forced myself to do the 40 plus second planks.   I can do 26 seconds before the shoulder screams, so I will do several a day that total that one long plank.   

It has been a stressful week (but again successful).      I didn't have a Rock n Bows intensive planned this year as I couldn't fit a full week of closing studio in the month of August.  (There is one next August).    I canceled it last year as I just wasn't feeling it, with various things in my personal world and health exhausting me I know it was the right decision.    But this week, the bulk of my fiddlers had begged cajoled bullied (said tongue in cheek) to do SOMETHING.  soooooooo......... a 10 hour rock intensive.    No performance, no picnic.    Just lots of fun rock and pop music with a group of great musicians.    5 hours yesterday and today.    Today will be less stressful (yesterday DH and I had instrument set up and space staging and we tend to bicker)      Now the kids (and some adults too) know the music, know the way the group works and of course know that Mr J is bringing pizza today!

We also planned (and I purchased last night) music for the year of ensemble and next summers big Rock Intensive) so it is another success!   Especially that all the new members left smiling!

I also haven't been going to SB as I have been using up all the Stok Cold brewed coffee I got with high value coupons AND making my own cold brew with my large stash of SB cafe Verona.     My cupboards are going to be bare when the summer is over.  But I am saving money by not spending any.   With DH still not working that is how I am being proactive.   

Last success was going out in the garden just before it got too dark and picking this. 


Beautiful fresh basil.   Already prepped and frozen in EVOO for a future pesto. 

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Well, I did it!

I asked my husband is okra still a vegetable (technically a fruit as it has seeds) if you batter it with cornmeal and fry it?   His reply......NO!  It becomes candy!

Sluggy and Nathalie will be proud of me.   I did it!   And it was delicious.  (Spoken in Terri Hatcher on Seinfeld manner.   They are real, and they are fantastic!).     I sliced the okra.  I soaked it in egg. 

                                       I dredged it in seasoned cornmeal



                       After DH made French fries I tossed the pieces into the already hot oil.  


                       Between the seeds and the frying I hope I do not suffer, but right now.
 I am so proud of myself.   So good.  Very easy.   If they have more okra next week I will buy it again! 

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Meals 8/15-8/20


Remember the ham from last week?    Well, for some crazy reason my elders didn't care how hot it is, they wanted split pea soup.    Yes readers, I did.   Thank goodness for crockpots.  


Surf and turf Monday.   I asked DH to pick up salmon, and I guess the steaks called out to him.    Baked potatoes and onions and Italian peppers.   I actually ate salmon through yesterday (Thursday)

I browned thick pork chops and put them in the crock pot with cream of mushroom soup, lots of onions and black pepper.   

chicken sausage and Swiss chard. 

Chicken drumsticks marinating to be grilled on Saturday 

I thought I had a turkey in the chest freezer but it turned out to be ANOTHER HAM.   That is in the fridge defrosting for the end of next week.    

Farmers Market 8/13


Sunflowers from my share.    Note Amish quilted hot mat.   Has cinnamon in it that is enhanced when a hot dish is put on top.   In my favorite colors too!

Going with DH instead of Uncle is definitely cheaper!    Only spent $14!    3 English muffins will last me all week (1/2 of one a day) 2 sweets that DH already consumed and 4 zucchini squash.   


The rest shown is from my share.   3 cucumbers,3 heirloom tomatoes, 3 eggplant, 3 bunches Swiss chard, 4 onions, 1/2 lb mesclun mix (only going to eat a small taste and then give rest to Aunt)


                      And look at these!!  Any ideas?   I love okra but have never prepared it.   



Friday, August 12, 2016

Big Y Flash Sale


DH really likes a cold Gatorade in indisputable serving bottles after doing yard work. This means that he wants just enough, and that he can finish the container.    Regular price at Big Y for this 8 pack is $10.74.   Ridiculous price.   They were on sale two 8-packs for $10.00.   62.5 cents a serving.    I guess that's ok, but I wasn't planning on getting it.    But this flash sale price changed the game!  38 cents a serving.    I purchased the limit of 2

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Free Cheerios and money back!

This was a money maker.     I bought two 12 ounce boxes of Cheerios and one snickers bar at CVS.  

I paid with a $5.00 ECB.  OOP was zero.    I got $1.75 back in ECB AND I will get back a dollar from SavingStar.   

Thank you CVS.   I love that we can use ECB and still earn ECB in the same order.      Not like Walgreens (boo hiss)

Feeling good this week, getting back in shape

Been back up to my minimum of 10k steps last few days.     Feel pretty good.    I will admit not eating much, but that is ok.   I gained 12 lbs since the scopes and new meds.   Not happy about that.    Have lost 3 so far.  

The horrible headaches I was getting for several hours after each dose (12 hour intervals) are now just minor annoyance.   

Since I know weight lifting isn't going to be an option (recurring shoulder injuries hinders my playing as it is).  I am trying to find other ways to tone and sculpt.   

Found this on Pinterest.   Giving it a try starting today.  

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Meals enjoyed this week


Sunday we were at an event out of state and ate there.    Gpa P and Uncle had hotdogs with corn on cob, baked beans and deli salad. 
The rest of the weeks proteins were from the freezer.

Monday DH and Gpa P had more hotdogs and the fixings.   I had shrimp and rice with roasted veggies with enough portioned out for Tues-Fri.    One more serving for Gpa for lunch.   

Tuesday DH made BS chicken breasts with chopped salad and mashed potatoes

Wednesday was leftovers

Thursday leftovers (all gone!)

Friday Jewish deli grated by the uncle

Saturday Baked Ham And potatoes, yellow squash and baked beans

Sunday (tomorrow). guests at a picnic

Breakfasts were fresh fruit, yogurts, hard boiled eggs, jones turkey sausage, English muffins, cereals

Lunches leftover pizza, leftover shrimp and rice, leftover chicken and chopped salad.  Tuna salad, cold cuts, egg salad, swisschard deli takeout leftovers

Monday, August 8, 2016

Kashi Class Action Suit Refund

The deadline for participation in this has passed,  but if you are interested in reading the details you can visit this website.    https://www.allnaturalsettlement.com/Index.dtm

Kashi is a brand I purchase alot, both bars crunchy and soft, cookies and cereals.   I did register with this suit as I have spent alot of money on these products that ended up having alot of preservatives and artificial ingredients.

I received a check today for $17.68    Not quite understanding how they got to this total I am still pleasantly surprised.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

City Seed Farmers Market

Sorry, no photos today.   Had to rush to put everything away so that we could get on the road to be in Brooklyn by 1 pm.    We went to a Star Wars Marathon of the first 3 released films.   Was fun, especially when friends joined us.   Sitting through one movie is A big deal for me. I did make it through two and I would've stayed for the third, but DH decided I had enough.    We got home at 10:30 pm.   Anyway, back to the share......

From Four Root Farm.    Red beets (I like them better than the orange ones last week). I also saved the tops to sauté.    Red onions (saved the tops for soup or stock) 2 bunches of Swiss chard.   2 huge slicing tomatoes and a pound of salad tomatoes.  Out of market share

4 ears of corn $2.00

A sourdough boule and an olive sourdough boule 8.75.  

2 pastries and three English muffins $13.50

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Cooking this week

Chinese Takeout Saturday

Sunday Basil Garlic Scape Pesto (all harvested from back yard) pasta and zucchini noodles.  I only tasted one forkful.  Gpa P ate it off and on all week.  With a complete Sourdough Boule.  

Ground turkey breast eggplant tomato Indian spiced concoction.  One more serving left, probably be breakfast tomorrow (Sunday) as I need to get to the Farmers Market and then we have to take off to Brooklyn.  No idea when I will get a healthy meal after breakfast, so want to make sure I have my cooked veggies and protein.  

Meatloaf with 1.12 lbs of ground beef.  Rice, roasted beets and kohlrabi.  Gpa P ate all but 3 ounces.   I weigh my food, so this is a fact.   DH ATE NONE.  

Cod, Rice, Squash.   Enough for 4 dinner servings and 2 lunch servings.  All gone.

Takeout tonight (Saturday 8/6)  I had a cobb salad (only my 3rd since diagnosis, but a cobb has more stuff than lettuce) Gpa P had broccoli Rabe and Sausage with pasta and DH had pizza. There are leftovers.  Doesn't Gpa P get enough Rabe and sausage from me during the week?  Oh wait, I did swiss chard the last couple of weeks.  

DH tasted Shoprite fried chicken at a friends a few weeks ago and I was there and actually found some.    He enjoyed that Thursday night and also for lunch Friday.   There are still 3 pieces left. 

Breakfasts for me were usually half an English Muffin from SoNo Bakery (I slice them up and freeze them) and Jones turkey sausage links (4 are 90 calories)  The men had bagels, fruit, cereal, coffee cake. 

Lunches were leftovers, deli meats (enough Rare Roast Beef for DH to have two sandwiches, and then chicken breast, buffalo chicken breast (only two slices left) and turkey breast.  Sounds like alot, but I only get a 1/4 lb or so of each.  American cheese too. 

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Free Product!

Do you pay attention to your Grocery Store emails?  Act fast if you get an email saying FREE! Stop and Shop sent me this offer,  I had to download this to my card the same day it arrived.   It expired August 10th.  I picked it up today.  I am a purist for coffee, so I will add a splash of this to my regular black iced coffee for a taste once a day.  Regular price is $3.99 for a 32 ounce bottle. Nice freebie!