Friday, July 29, 2016

What's going to be cooking?

Now that we are planning to be home for an extended time, we are back in frugality mode.  One of the best ways to save money is to cook at home.


Sunday Linner (Lunch/Dinner)  we had lobster rolls (we brought back 6 lobsters and 2 lbs of crabs from out trip to Maine) we shared this meal with Gpa P and the Uncle.  There is enough lobster left for two more rolls.  I also made coleslaw (shredded a small head of cabbage with one carrot and used the last of a jar of Marie's cole slaw dressing) plus steamed squash and corn on the cob.  

Then all of the tails and cleaner shells were put in the crockpot to make stock.    It is now in the freezer for a future risotto.   

The following days we had

Salad with breaded chicken breast strips, sourdough baguette (sorry it's blurry)

Turnip greens/kohlrabi greens and homegrown garlic with sourdough baguette

Chicken thighs grilled, rice and squash

Swiss chard and Sausage (pork hot) sourdough boule (from the freezer)

Rice and roasted beets/kohlrabi 

Used our Wolfgang Puck (gift to us several holidays ago) pressure oven to not heat up entire kitchen. 

I also made roasted kohlrabi , roasted squash with jack cheese,  zucchini quiche, Most of these veggie dishes will be mainly eaten by me.

I also baked a pie using frozen pie filling my friend made using apples last year from my yard and some others that she had gotten from other sources.

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