Monday, July 11, 2016

From the Garden

Onions from the garden

Dehydrated oregano

Filled this and one other same size jar

This jar is a homemade blend of basil and oregano from my garden

Have at least 2 lbs of garlic and several onions too!   Now to research what to do with all this garlic.    Any ideas for me?


  1. Make pickled garlic! Great way to preserve it, cn add some herbs, chilli peppers for added heat, etc. Cheap and easy to do-could be a Xmas gift, if so inclined

  2. Here's a great link:

  3. I had onion powder on my mind today. Could you perhaps dehydrate all this and grind them into onion and garlic powder to make other seasonings? Or dehydrate minced onion? I was going to buy some but I do have 3 onions to use up so I think I'll mince them and dehydrate them myself. I hope it doesn't make the house stink up too much.


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