Sunday, July 24, 2016

Farmers Market 7/24

A cheap (OOP) visit.     SoNo Bakery did have English Muffins.    I only bought 4 and cut them in half, freezing for future meals (not happy with the amount of gluten/carbs I have been eating..... Still trying to find happy place in eating now that we have the diagnosis of Crohn's disease).   Only got one sweet for DH.    $14.50 spent.      Four Root Farm.     Love this place!    Rachel (the owner/farmer) is so friendly and accommodating.    Her Dad and sister help out at the markets.   Organic!     I got Kohlrabi (going to roast roots and sauté greens). Carrots, Onions (saved tops in freezer for future baked potato soups) beets (going to roast bulbs and sauté greens) 3 green, 3 yellow and 3 pattypan squash. (Some I will steam, some I will bake with pepper jack cheese)    2 bunches Swiss chard.   Blueberries that I plan on putting in a blueberry lemon cake.    Came out of my market share.   


City Seed stand sour dough baguette.   3.75.    Other farm I didn't mark down name for corn.    Dozen ears $6.00   Total spent $24.25


  1. You did so well and got lots of healthy stuff! I'm sorry you were diagnosed with Crohn's Disease. Greg had a bunch of tests done a couple of years ago and the specialist whom we saw was confident that Crohn's would bd thre diagnosis and very perplexed when none of the test results confirmed his guess. So we still don't knowe what is wrong with him. My own guess is that the Accutane that he was prescribed as a teen messed something up in his gut since his ptoblems started at about the same time.

    1. Thanks Nathalie. I am doing ok, just getting used to cooking my veggies. I mainly ate raw before (only because I like them that way). Thought of you, we were in Maine for a few days and watched Salt Water taffy being made. No jalepeno though!

    2. Did you? Well, thanks! I think the jalapeño-flavored saltwater taffy might be a specialty of Dallas. I'm going to have to look for it online... I found a recipe to make the taffy at home and it doesn't look that difficult, save for all the work in the stretching of it! I had seen it being made at Walt Disney World, I think, one of the confectioners had the machine there. It's kind of fascinating but I never understood why they had to stretch it. Nor did I ever like salt water taffy (because of the name "Salt water", blech!) until I tasted that jalapeño one.

      I hope you get used to your cooked veggies, Ms. Sandie. At least you're not allergic to them!


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