Sunday, July 17, 2016

Farmers Market 7/17


SoNo Bakery.    Really disappointed, no English muffins for me.   I got 3 croissants.   Got DH 4 sweets to last the week.    24.50.   Think we need to stop spending money here.   

3 yellow squash, 4 cucumbers.    Market share.   I really love Four Root farm. They're out of Haddam, and I was very excited to participate in their market share this year. The owner's father wrote me to let me know that I really haven't spent enough. Their concern for me getting my full value from the share really made them a better farm in my eyes than they already were.  I wrote back thanking them… And let them know that I'll be ramping up for my purchases starting next week. I didn't want to buy too much this week because we're going to be out of town for four days.

City seed bakery stand.   Sourdough boule.   $3.50.  


  1. Sorry that you were disappointed at the bakery. Agree, however, their prices seem high.

  2. I love that the farm checked in with you like that! Big business would have pocketed the money and called it a day! When we go next time, I'll make sure to check and see if they have a stand at Wooster.
    SoNo is expensive and addictive too! Did you go later than usual? I know that if we aren't one of the first people of the day, G1's favorite Monkey Bread Muffins are completely gone.

    1. I was the first one in line. They didn't bring any.


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