Sunday, July 10, 2016

Farmers Market 7/10/16

Gotta love the season!   Everything is starting to produce and we reap the benefits.   

First stop is always SoNo Bakery.    I splurge here, English muffins for me. I learned the hard way that even in a ziplock bag they molded up quickly. So this time I enjoyed one and froze the rest in individual bags.

I also got my husband chocolate croissant, raspberry, and raspberry crumb cake.  These were consumed before I took the picture LOL. Also sour dough boule from Cityseed Bakery.  Total. Spent on baked goods for the week $26.75.   Seems like alot, but when fresh the quality is amazing.  

Carrots already prepped for cooking. 

Carrots, Swiss Chard and Rasperries.   Only had to pay for the berries (3.00) as rest was market share.   

Onions, beets, green and yellow squash. $6.00 for all those beautiful onions.  Rest was market share.   I already prepped the onion tops and beet greens for a soup 

All beef kielbasa $14.00.  Cucumbers and squash from market share. Total cash $46.00.     I am back in veggie heaven, even if I do have to cook them now (instead of enjoying raw). 


  1. Your produce and bakery goods look awesome! happy cooking!

  2. I'm so jealous of your haul! Everything looks awesome! We missed the market yesterday and, depending on how things work out with Papa having to work part of next Saturday, may miss next week too! =( Since we are out of milk, I may end up trying your market next Sunday.


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