Sunday, July 31, 2016

7/31/16 Farmers Market

Do you see the Monarch Butterfly?

I only took the flowers home.....

Eggplant and tomatoes part of Market Share 

Cukes getting seeded and sliced.   No OOP, from market share

6 muffins (one in toaster, froze the others after I sliced them) and two loaves of sourdough.   (Froze one).   Three sweets for DH.  $30.50

Kohlrabi market share

Orange beets market Share

Three bunches Swiss chard.   Market share

3 yellow squash and one zucchini, Market Share

$2.00 Peppers from another farm.  Total spent $32.50

Friday, July 29, 2016

What's going to be cooking?

Now that we are planning to be home for an extended time, we are back in frugality mode.  One of the best ways to save money is to cook at home.


Sunday Linner (Lunch/Dinner)  we had lobster rolls (we brought back 6 lobsters and 2 lbs of crabs from out trip to Maine) we shared this meal with Gpa P and the Uncle.  There is enough lobster left for two more rolls.  I also made coleslaw (shredded a small head of cabbage with one carrot and used the last of a jar of Marie's cole slaw dressing) plus steamed squash and corn on the cob.  

Then all of the tails and cleaner shells were put in the crockpot to make stock.    It is now in the freezer for a future risotto.   

The following days we had

Salad with breaded chicken breast strips, sourdough baguette (sorry it's blurry)

Turnip greens/kohlrabi greens and homegrown garlic with sourdough baguette

Chicken thighs grilled, rice and squash

Swiss chard and Sausage (pork hot) sourdough boule (from the freezer)

Rice and roasted beets/kohlrabi 

Used our Wolfgang Puck (gift to us several holidays ago) pressure oven to not heat up entire kitchen. 

I also made roasted kohlrabi , roasted squash with jack cheese,  zucchini quiche, Most of these veggie dishes will be mainly eaten by me.

I also baked a pie using frozen pie filling my friend made using apples last year from my yard and some others that she had gotten from other sources.

July grocery shopping

6/29 Stop and Shop, 2 Stoks 48 ounce cold brewed coffee (3.00 in coupons!) Gallon 2% milk, Honey Ham, Roasted Chicken, Roasted Turkey and American cheese from the deli, Turkey Hill Ice Cream, two 35 count spring water cases, Value Packs of chicken thighs (4.31 lbs) and drumsticks (4.56 lbs), Ground Beef (1.48 lgs), Ground Turkey (20 ounce), London Broil (4.82 lbs), Cherries, Bananas, Watermelon, Marie's cole slaw dressing (B1G1F), 10 lbs of potatoes, 2 bags of Dole Coleslow mix.  $88.80.  I thought this was a GREAT HAUL.

7/3 produce market, 2.68 lbs of eggplant, 2 loaves of bread from the bakery and 2 bottles of water (we didn't go to the farmers market)  12.68

7/5 produce market Bibb lettuce (I can eat this!) Iceburg lettuce, .82 lbs plum tomatoes, cherries, two stuffed breads, 4 Del's lemonades, 20 ounces of mushrooms and 4 prepared breaded and fried chicken cutlets.   $52.11

7/6 Stop and Shop Reduced Bakery croissants (froze most) Wonder brad, Nellies Nest eggs, Gallon milk, roasted turkey, chicken and beef from deli (I only buy enough at a time for 1 or 2 sandwiches), 8.9 ounce cheerios, JC Pie bites candies (free with SS card), Whole watermelon, cherries (If DH asks for healthy foods I am making sure they are always in the house, he eats it, I replenish), blueberries.  $41.08

7/7 Big Y LOL spreadable butter, 4 packages of Jones turkey/chicken sausage, Yasso frozen yogurts, another head of Bibb lettuce.  $23.33

7/9Shoprite three 48 ounce bottles of Stok cold brewed coffee.  $11.07 after $3.00 in mfr coupon.

7/10 farmers market 46.00

7/10CVS four 11 ounce bottles of starbucks iced coffee $11.24 (after 30% off coupon and $2.00 mfr)

7/11 BJ's warehouse, large tub of pretzels, one bag of DH favorite chocolate chip cookies, salmon (fresh), cod (frozen fillets) two big slabs of ribs (had $5.00 off coupon), salsa, almond milk, two loaves of sliced bread (froze one) $70.03

7/12 produce market.   Cherries, strawberries, blueberries, assorted melons, lemon poppy seed bread.  $54.50.   Anything to get DH to eat fresh produce.

7/13 BJ's $2.73  yes, that's correct.  I had a 20 dollar reward.  We got more fruit, Stacey's pita chips and guacamole.

7/17. Farmers Market $28.00

7/17 produce market FREE uncle treated to reciprocate all the Starbucks I get him.   8 cooked chicken cutlets, pound sausage, iceberg lettuce and tomatoes.

7/18 Shoprite 55.53 for 4 large cans Boticelli EVOO (9.99 a can, enough for at least 6 months), cherries, dozen eggs, 2 Stoks Iced coffee and 3 yogurts.

7/19 Stop and Shop, 3 cases of 35 bottles water, 4 oatmeal, 3 puffed rice snacks 37.55

7/23 Lobsters right from lobster man.    3 at 1.5 lb each, 3 at 1.75 lb each and 2 lbs of blue crabs.  $69.00!!  Technically vacation budget, but wanted to list it here. 

7/24 Big Y hot dog rolls.   7.00

7/24 Farmers Market 24.25

7/24 CT Natural produce market

Prepared chicken cutlets, three lbs sweet/hot Longhini sausage, two large beefsteak tomatoes and a head of cabbage.   $22.42

Over budget as this all comes in at 657.32.   I think Lobsters/Crabs should technically be part of vaca budget (which we came in under) but I will leave it here.  Another 90 dollars of purchases from 7/18 and 7/19 haven't even been touched.   So I think I hit my goal of $500.00.   (498.32)

August I am going to try and see if I can do 400.  Think I can?  I sure will try!  The Market Share will be used as much as I can, with prepping and freezing for the winter months.  

Thursday, July 28, 2016

How I dry my oregano

My cousin, her husband and their two beautiful children made is this for Christmas last year. And though I'm not using it for its originally intended purpose… I use it every week I see it every day and it makes me smile.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

More Oregano!

Amazing how much I am getting from just a few sprigs!     Annoyed I haven't done this in previous years.     Drying basil isn't working out as well for me.    I think I will continue to freeze it for use in the winter.


Sunday, July 24, 2016

Farmers Market 7/24

A cheap (OOP) visit.     SoNo Bakery did have English Muffins.    I only bought 4 and cut them in half, freezing for future meals (not happy with the amount of gluten/carbs I have been eating..... Still trying to find happy place in eating now that we have the diagnosis of Crohn's disease).   Only got one sweet for DH.    $14.50 spent.      Four Root Farm.     Love this place!    Rachel (the owner/farmer) is so friendly and accommodating.    Her Dad and sister help out at the markets.   Organic!     I got Kohlrabi (going to roast roots and sauté greens). Carrots, Onions (saved tops in freezer for future baked potato soups) beets (going to roast bulbs and sauté greens) 3 green, 3 yellow and 3 pattypan squash. (Some I will steam, some I will bake with pepper jack cheese)    2 bunches Swiss chard.   Blueberries that I plan on putting in a blueberry lemon cake.    Came out of my market share.   


City Seed stand sour dough baguette.   3.75.    Other farm I didn't mark down name for corn.    Dozen ears $6.00   Total spent $24.25

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Farmers Market 7/17


SoNo Bakery.    Really disappointed, no English muffins for me.   I got 3 croissants.   Got DH 4 sweets to last the week.    24.50.   Think we need to stop spending money here.   

3 yellow squash, 4 cucumbers.    Market share.   I really love Four Root farm. They're out of Haddam, and I was very excited to participate in their market share this year. The owner's father wrote me to let me know that I really haven't spent enough. Their concern for me getting my full value from the share really made them a better farm in my eyes than they already were.  I wrote back thanking them… And let them know that I'll be ramping up for my purchases starting next week. I didn't want to buy too much this week because we're going to be out of town for four days.

City seed bakery stand.   Sourdough boule.   $3.50.  

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Meals last and this week

Salmon rice and squash 

Ribs mashed potatoes and mushrooms


Hard boiled eggs

Roasted squash with Monterey Jack cheese

Roasted beets

Sauerkraut and kielbasa

I ate salmon most of my meals.  Lots of roasted veggies.

A big salad for DH

Tossed salad with chicken cutlets

Fresh fruit

Swiss chard and pork Italian sausage 

Pasta and jarred sauce

Monday, July 11, 2016

Garden Pet.......ummmm Pest?

Something you don't see everyday....

A chipmunk IN the bird feeder.  

From the Garden

Onions from the garden

Dehydrated oregano

Filled this and one other same size jar

This jar is a homemade blend of basil and oregano from my garden

Have at least 2 lbs of garlic and several onions too!   Now to research what to do with all this garlic.    Any ideas for me?

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Farmers Market 7/10/16

Gotta love the season!   Everything is starting to produce and we reap the benefits.   

First stop is always SoNo Bakery.    I splurge here, English muffins for me. I learned the hard way that even in a ziplock bag they molded up quickly. So this time I enjoyed one and froze the rest in individual bags.

I also got my husband chocolate croissant, raspberry, and raspberry crumb cake.  These were consumed before I took the picture LOL. Also sour dough boule from Cityseed Bakery.  Total. Spent on baked goods for the week $26.75.   Seems like alot, but when fresh the quality is amazing.  

Carrots already prepped for cooking. 

Carrots, Swiss Chard and Rasperries.   Only had to pay for the berries (3.00) as rest was market share.   

Onions, beets, green and yellow squash. $6.00 for all those beautiful onions.  Rest was market share.   I already prepped the onion tops and beet greens for a soup 

All beef kielbasa $14.00.  Cucumbers and squash from market share. Total cash $46.00.     I am back in veggie heaven, even if I do have to cook them now (instead of enjoying raw). 

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Entertainment Costs

Last weekend the local Lions Club held their biggest fundraiser of the year.  It was a Pizza Taste off with a Comedian.  I am sorry that I did not keep the man's info, as he was hysterical.  A bit sacrilegious as he impersonates a priest, but is never truly disrespectful.  He only does his act for non profits, and he was truly funny. Even held a round of bingo.  We were gifted the tickets ($50 value), with the caveat that we had to bring refreshments to share.

DH made a meat/cheese/cracker platter.  Though we spent $81.40 at BJ's warehouse (including a box of fancy toothpicks) we had only used half the food purchased for this event on June 25th.

I froze some of the cheeses for future creations.  The rest of the meats were used for sandwiches, and we still have some crackers.

We also participated in the 50/50 raffle and DH won a fruitcake! (Part of the act but still hysterical)

A fun night out with neighbors and new to us folks.

Great Deal on Kimberly-Clark products

Combining deals and coupons I purchased 24 Paper (Scott) towels and 60 rolls of toilet paper (I prefer Scott single ply) I paid including tax $43.95 I will be getting $10.00 back.  I do this deal every time it becomes available (usually twice a year)

To get your rebate form click

Fourth of July Day Book

I am borrowing this idea from Nathalie at       And will posting a day book whenever. I have a day off.   

Outside my window... it's sunny and cool.    I am watching two male bluejays arguing.

I am thinking... that I would like my stomach to stop hurting.   

I am thankful for...   My daughter coming home last night and here til Tuesday.

From the learning rooms... I am trying to learn Pennyslvania Dutch.  We are in Lancaster area at least four times a year ( sometimes music, sometimes pleasure). We do enough business with Plain folk that I would like to be able to use their language too.   DH is fluent in German and I have an understanding of Spanish and Italian (but find it easier to reply in English).   I also grew up hearing my Paternal Grandmother speaking in a combination of German/Italian with my Great Grandmother. (Though Italian, they lived in Austria)

From the kitchen...  I am roasting patty pan squash.

I am wearing... Nightgown still.   Being lazy. 

I am creating... nothing right now. NOTHING.

I am going... to visit a few people today.

I am reading... Almost Amish by Nancy Sleeth

I am hoping... that all my students who traveled to Germany are having a great time. 

I am hearing... birds

Around the house... DH is watching the Twilight Zone Marathon and I am enjoying a cup of coffee whilst reading.

One of my favorite things... coffee!

A few plans for the rest of the week... teaching.  Maybe a bit of baking.  Trying to get back into doing my 10K steps.