Wednesday, June 8, 2016

This weeks meals

                                                                         June 5-10

Since I still don't feel like eating, I am not as enthusiastic in my meal planning.   Breakfast and Lunch are fend for yourselves, and DH usually has a bagel and an orange.  Pops eats whatever he finds, sometimes it's planned leftovers for a meal, LOL.  I have been having either drinkable yogurt or a croissant (frozen from a discounted bakery deal a few months ago) or english muffin (frozen from previous farmers market buy) with egg whites.

Lunches can be tuna, egg salad, this week we picked up a sub for DH from Nardellis (gift card) and some seafood salad for me (picked out the celery.....I love celery........hating my new way of eating)

I made a one pound beef meatloaf with some of my friends Tomato Jam.  Pops ate that for several lunches/dinner.

Broccoli and Rice (me)

Swiss chard (no meat) Pops and me

Turkey carcass fail soup (see other post regarding Chores) and a Turkey wing success soup with leeks, carrots, celery and set aside white breast meat from Sunday's turkey.

Broccoli Rabe and Sausage

Swiss chard (yes more) and Perdue Roaster Chicken (huge one)

In a trip to see our DD and her new place DH picked up 10 lbs (yes, that's right) of Saugies hotdogs.  His favorite.  Most were frozen.

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