Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Second City Seed Market visit (Saturday)

Don't normally get to go on Saturdays, but studio was closed for the Memorial Day weekend.  

I brought 2 milk bottles back to Smith Dairy and bought another bottle for just $2.50.    Best chocolate milk says DH

Four river farm.  8 all beef hotdogs and a pound of beef burgers.   DH was not impressed with these.  We do like their pork products.  

SoNo Bakery.   6 chive English muffins and 6 regular English muffins.   Froze 10 of them and still have 2 in freezer from last week.  I plan on having a revolving surplus of these in the freezer.     2 pretzels, chocolate croissant, crumb cake (all sweets and the pretzels for DH).

Cafe G. 3 small pretzel rolls (for me)

2 large bunches of leeks (for soup)

A bit over a pound of the chicken kale sausage I love.     (kept frozen for future use)

2 apple cider donuts.   

85.50 spent

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