Tuesday, June 28, 2016

June Grocery Shopping

May 29th 85.50  Dozen English Muffins (froze most) 3 Pretzel rolls (froze) leeks, milk, sweets for DH, Pretzels for DH, Sausage (frozen for future use) 8 hotdogs and 4 hamburgers (eaten by the men)

May 30th Big Y FREE (we bought 2 gift cards on Black friday 2015 $100.00 worth for $90, and these funds were allocated in that month, so I see these purchases as free for the month of June) Balance used on card was 24.21  Gallon milk, 2 boxes of Italian ice (B1G1F) Hot dog rolls, Special K cereal (two large boxes), Jello (4 boxes) and Bread.

June 1st Big Y FREE (see May 30th)  Balance used on card was 8.46  Single bottle of Sprite, Another Gallon of milk from flash sale (did you get your 1.99 gallon of Hood?) Bananas, Broccoli (.25 back from Ibotta)

June 3rd Stop and Shop 3 Drakes products (got $5 back on savingstar already) Sliced Bread (ibotta .25), a FREE bottle of Stok Iced coffee (48 ounce and $4.99 retail) this was a very quick digital coupon deal.  I am now checking every few days my online Stop and Shop account.  Cheerios, Ritz crackers, 2 lbs 90% lean ground beef, 2 lbs of Stop and shop sweet sausage, pound of smithfield bacon, 20 ounces of Shadby brook farms 93% lean ground turkey.  Tomatoes, carrots (ibotta .25) red pepper (ibotta .25) oranges (.25 ibotta) $36.55 out of pocket

June 5th Rhode Island Stop and Shop    Kozy Shack Flan (me) 10 lbs of Saugys Franks, a special pepsi can for DH to try and a bag of local chips.  $36.76 (Had a digital deli coupon that they deducted off the Franks, NICE)

June 5th farmers market swiss chard (two bunches) broccoli rabe (2 bunches) strawberries, two large soft pretzels and a croissant, an onion batard and a sour dough boule. $21

June 6 Shoprite 18 pk eggs, philly cream cheese, Turkey Hill Ice cream, Turkey Hill lemonaide, two package fritos, warehouse club twinpack Heinz Ketchup, Large Perdue roaster, cheddar cheese dip (DH was with me...arghhh, but I'm glad he came) Two 18 ounce Skippy peanut butter, 30 ounce Hellmans Mayo, Bakery Muffin Tops, 2 donuts (DH again!) Three 8 packs of Gatorade (he was so excited) 5 lb Vidalia onions, 10 lbs Long Grain Rice.  Total OOP after coupons was 59.51 but then I got back Frito-Lay $3.00, .50 Hellmans, The Ice Cream and lemonaide free after Digital and paper coupons.  So true total spent was 56.01

Target (assorted crackers, chips, dip, two frozen bags of veggies...all were a 'splurge') $23.88  also got a FREE 20 ounce diet coke.

June 10 Big Y coldcuts from the deli (chicken breast, hard salami, american cheese) Two marked down packages turkey sausage, 2 frozen packages lobster meat (b1g1f) Flash sale limit 2 of 6 packs 16 ounce snapple 1.99 each.  Used the balance of the gift card and then cash was 51.02

June 14 BJ's Sirloin Tips, Salmon, Two loaves bread (froze one) 2 nine packs Thomas English Muffins (froze one) taboule salad and twin pack Hellmans Mayo (got .25 from Ibotta) $63.53

June 14 Shoprite, 4 packages Jone's breakfast sausage (no deal, trying to eat more protein) Great deal on eggs though.  Should have been get 2.5 dozen (30 eggs) for $1.77   They apparantly didn't have these packages, so they changed it to get 2 eighteen packs for same prices.  6 more eggs! Dannon Greek crunch yogurt (FREE!) Could do the deal 4 times (I only did it three) so it was like getting another 18 eggs for free!  3 packages shredded cheese, 2 containers of grated cheese, fruit for DH and I wanted to try some of the store made bagel chips.  43.41

No shopping the week of recital.  Then we went to the Music for All Event/Anniversary Trip Combo in PA.  We planned on doing some grocery shopping down there, and we spent 31.94 at Intercourse Canning (used a $5 coupon AND had enough can punches to get a free jar!), Kauffman's Farm Market (two trips) 23.48 and 57.98.  Final stop (and reason we brought a HUGE cooler) Stolfus Meats $70.20.

$601.26 However, most of this food is definitely going into July, so I am NOT upset.  Also, some of the PA purchases actually saved us from going OUT to eat, but I'm not going to get too crazy trying to do that math.

All in all, I would say $50 of the meat from PA, $25 of the canned goods, 4 eighteen count eggs, 9 pack of Thomas, One loaf of bread, all the lobster, half the snapple, mayo, some yogurts, one package of sausage, ALL OF THE HOTDOGS, are still not eaten.  That looks like over $150 worth of food if not more going into July.

I am pleased.

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