Friday, June 17, 2016

Freebies this month

20 ounce Diet Coke target app and texted coupon plus sale

48 ounce bottle of Stok iced coffee using Stop and Shop card.    OMG this is so good.   I got black of course.    I make my own cold brew as well as visit SB at least once a day.   But this will be purchased again, especially since I acquired a few $1.50 coupons.  

Greek yogurt using shoprite card. Good!

Chocolate covered pretzels using stop and shop card.  I chose the dark chocolate sea salt caramel.   Not impressed.   I like pretzels more than candy.   This was more candy than pretzels.  

Recital flowers. 

While away for a combo music event and our wedding anniversary our Inn of choice in PA gifted us this jam assortment as they knew it was our anniversary.   Normally they do leave one jar and crackers (those were there as well!)

Fudge sample with coupon

Not pictured are two travel coffee mugs that can be filled through out the village, that we also can bring home.   

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