Wednesday, June 8, 2016

City Seed Edgewood Sunday Market

Really disappointed with the difference in offerings between Saturday and Sunday in the Sono Bakery Tent.  Saturday at Wooster Market they definitely have more and better offerings.   Second time no English Muffins at the Edgewood location.   Gentleman in front of us had them calland he was driving all the way to Norwalk to get them.    I am not that crazy.    Maybe I will scale back on how much I spend with them. I am contemplating seeing if I can place a specific order.   They are expensive (even if very good quality).  $9 spent on two large pretzels and one large croissant.

My market share organic farm.    2 bunches broccoli rabe and a beautiful pint of strawberries.    PREPAID IN FEBRUARY so no points on budget total.   Would have been $11 OOP 

Another great organic farm had swiss chard.  Two large bunches $6

City Seed bakery a large sourdough round load and an onion batard.  $6

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  1. I agree that the SoNo Bakery is expensive....but very good! G1 has become addicted to their Monkey Bread muffins - which I am finding is a very pricey addiction! LOL
    I wondered how Edgewood compared to Wooster...I don't know why I haven't asked you that in past conversations! =)
    One thing about the Wooster Market that I have found though....YOU HAVE TO GET THERE EARLY! ESP. FOR SONO BAKERY! Any later than 10:30 or 11 am and it's slim pickings for sure!


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