Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The avalanche of appliances dying continues

Calgon take me away! (trademarked slogan)

All of the appliances in our home were purchased at the same time. 10 years ago. In the last two months we have replaced the microwave,  the washing machine, the refrigerator needed a repair…and now the oven. (Don't forget the car repairs recently!)

Sunday morning while roasting some squash, our power went out. I was not aware of this as I was in the shower. When I came out the oven was off. And I noticed that a lot of other items that I knew had been on we're also off. My husband said that the power had gone out but had come back on within five minutes.

I walk over the stove hit the bake button.....nothing. Turn the burner on......nothing. My husband goes to the circuit breaker box and again nothing.   Upon further inspection, he found that the grounding wire had come loose and fused itself to the back of the stove, thus shorting out the entire unit.   Ugh.   

So, we start talking about options.   He calls his electrician cousin who says repairs would be basically replacing all computer and electrical components.    Not worth it.   We look into having propane installed, which my husband has always wanted to do.    Just installation is not in our budget (DH still hasn't found a new job).   So sticking with electric is what we have to do.   

I was hoping to not go over $700.  Unfortunately, that wasn't the case.  DH definitely dislikes cooking on electric.  He said if he has to get another electric, he was going to get the one he wants most.  It was also one that I have secretly coveted.  So, we put the cash I had down on it, and the rest we got interest free financing for 6 months.  I don't see a problem with budgeting this to make sure we do not pay any interest.   I have been trying very hard these last few years to budget wisely and save.  That's why we should all have 'an emergency fund'. 

This is what we got.  Very well rated, Energy Star, Dough proofing, Dehydrating, Two ovens, both convection, warming drawer, instant boil burner, griddle pan burner.  Even a Sabbath setting (not that we follow the faith, but we like that it's there)

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

June Grocery Shopping

May 29th 85.50  Dozen English Muffins (froze most) 3 Pretzel rolls (froze) leeks, milk, sweets for DH, Pretzels for DH, Sausage (frozen for future use) 8 hotdogs and 4 hamburgers (eaten by the men)

May 30th Big Y FREE (we bought 2 gift cards on Black friday 2015 $100.00 worth for $90, and these funds were allocated in that month, so I see these purchases as free for the month of June) Balance used on card was 24.21  Gallon milk, 2 boxes of Italian ice (B1G1F) Hot dog rolls, Special K cereal (two large boxes), Jello (4 boxes) and Bread.

June 1st Big Y FREE (see May 30th)  Balance used on card was 8.46  Single bottle of Sprite, Another Gallon of milk from flash sale (did you get your 1.99 gallon of Hood?) Bananas, Broccoli (.25 back from Ibotta)

June 3rd Stop and Shop 3 Drakes products (got $5 back on savingstar already) Sliced Bread (ibotta .25), a FREE bottle of Stok Iced coffee (48 ounce and $4.99 retail) this was a very quick digital coupon deal.  I am now checking every few days my online Stop and Shop account.  Cheerios, Ritz crackers, 2 lbs 90% lean ground beef, 2 lbs of Stop and shop sweet sausage, pound of smithfield bacon, 20 ounces of Shadby brook farms 93% lean ground turkey.  Tomatoes, carrots (ibotta .25) red pepper (ibotta .25) oranges (.25 ibotta) $36.55 out of pocket

June 5th Rhode Island Stop and Shop    Kozy Shack Flan (me) 10 lbs of Saugys Franks, a special pepsi can for DH to try and a bag of local chips.  $36.76 (Had a digital deli coupon that they deducted off the Franks, NICE)

June 5th farmers market swiss chard (two bunches) broccoli rabe (2 bunches) strawberries, two large soft pretzels and a croissant, an onion batard and a sour dough boule. $21

June 6 Shoprite 18 pk eggs, philly cream cheese, Turkey Hill Ice cream, Turkey Hill lemonaide, two package fritos, warehouse club twinpack Heinz Ketchup, Large Perdue roaster, cheddar cheese dip (DH was with me...arghhh, but I'm glad he came) Two 18 ounce Skippy peanut butter, 30 ounce Hellmans Mayo, Bakery Muffin Tops, 2 donuts (DH again!) Three 8 packs of Gatorade (he was so excited) 5 lb Vidalia onions, 10 lbs Long Grain Rice.  Total OOP after coupons was 59.51 but then I got back Frito-Lay $3.00, .50 Hellmans, The Ice Cream and lemonaide free after Digital and paper coupons.  So true total spent was 56.01

Target (assorted crackers, chips, dip, two frozen bags of veggies...all were a 'splurge') $23.88  also got a FREE 20 ounce diet coke.

June 10 Big Y coldcuts from the deli (chicken breast, hard salami, american cheese) Two marked down packages turkey sausage, 2 frozen packages lobster meat (b1g1f) Flash sale limit 2 of 6 packs 16 ounce snapple 1.99 each.  Used the balance of the gift card and then cash was 51.02

June 14 BJ's Sirloin Tips, Salmon, Two loaves bread (froze one) 2 nine packs Thomas English Muffins (froze one) taboule salad and twin pack Hellmans Mayo (got .25 from Ibotta) $63.53

June 14 Shoprite, 4 packages Jone's breakfast sausage (no deal, trying to eat more protein) Great deal on eggs though.  Should have been get 2.5 dozen (30 eggs) for $1.77   They apparantly didn't have these packages, so they changed it to get 2 eighteen packs for same prices.  6 more eggs! Dannon Greek crunch yogurt (FREE!) Could do the deal 4 times (I only did it three) so it was like getting another 18 eggs for free!  3 packages shredded cheese, 2 containers of grated cheese, fruit for DH and I wanted to try some of the store made bagel chips.  43.41

No shopping the week of recital.  Then we went to the Music for All Event/Anniversary Trip Combo in PA.  We planned on doing some grocery shopping down there, and we spent 31.94 at Intercourse Canning (used a $5 coupon AND had enough can punches to get a free jar!), Kauffman's Farm Market (two trips) 23.48 and 57.98.  Final stop (and reason we brought a HUGE cooler) Stolfus Meats $70.20.

$601.26 However, most of this food is definitely going into July, so I am NOT upset.  Also, some of the PA purchases actually saved us from going OUT to eat, but I'm not going to get too crazy trying to do that math.

All in all, I would say $50 of the meat from PA, $25 of the canned goods, 4 eighteen count eggs, 9 pack of Thomas, One loaf of bread, all the lobster, half the snapple, mayo, some yogurts, one package of sausage, ALL OF THE HOTDOGS, are still not eaten.  That looks like over $150 worth of food if not more going into July.

I am pleased.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Farmers Market last weekend 6/26/16

Not being able to eat raw vegetables has really put a damper on my trips to the market.    I am trying to find ways to cook veggies that I find appetizing.    

This week I purchased 2 bunches of Swiss Chard and 3 nice patty pan squash.    Came out of my Market share so no OOP.   

Cherries, $5

A sourdough boule and a French bread.   $7.50

6 English muffins and a ham and cheese croissant that DH said was terrible.    He has been a bit negative lately.    $20

Because of a family event I will not be able to go to the market today.  I will start ramping up my visits moving forward.    I need to use my entire Market Share!

Friday, June 17, 2016

Freebies this month

20 ounce Diet Coke target app and texted coupon plus sale

48 ounce bottle of Stok iced coffee using Stop and Shop card.    OMG this is so good.   I got black of course.    I make my own cold brew as well as visit SB at least once a day.   But this will be purchased again, especially since I acquired a few $1.50 coupons.  

Greek yogurt using shoprite card. Good!

Chocolate covered pretzels using stop and shop card.  I chose the dark chocolate sea salt caramel.   Not impressed.   I like pretzels more than candy.   This was more candy than pretzels.  

Recital flowers. 

While away for a combo music event and our wedding anniversary our Inn of choice in PA gifted us this jam assortment as they knew it was our anniversary.   Normally they do leave one jar and crackers (those were there as well!)

Fudge sample with coupon

Not pictured are two travel coffee mugs that can be filled through out the village, that we also can bring home.   

Organic Garlic Scapes from my own yard!

This is what I was waiting for.  So glad they came to harvest when I had time to get them!  A little over a pound.  Would have cost more than $10 at the farmers market.  Yum Yum Yum.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

This weeks meals

                                                                         June 5-10

Since I still don't feel like eating, I am not as enthusiastic in my meal planning.   Breakfast and Lunch are fend for yourselves, and DH usually has a bagel and an orange.  Pops eats whatever he finds, sometimes it's planned leftovers for a meal, LOL.  I have been having either drinkable yogurt or a croissant (frozen from a discounted bakery deal a few months ago) or english muffin (frozen from previous farmers market buy) with egg whites.

Lunches can be tuna, egg salad, this week we picked up a sub for DH from Nardellis (gift card) and some seafood salad for me (picked out the celery.....I love celery........hating my new way of eating)

I made a one pound beef meatloaf with some of my friends Tomato Jam.  Pops ate that for several lunches/dinner.

Broccoli and Rice (me)

Swiss chard (no meat) Pops and me

Turkey carcass fail soup (see other post regarding Chores) and a Turkey wing success soup with leeks, carrots, celery and set aside white breast meat from Sunday's turkey.

Broccoli Rabe and Sausage

Swiss chard (yes more) and Perdue Roaster Chicken (huge one)

In a trip to see our DD and her new place DH picked up 10 lbs (yes, that's right) of Saugies hotdogs.  His favorite.  Most were frozen.

City Seed Edgewood Sunday Market

Really disappointed with the difference in offerings between Saturday and Sunday in the Sono Bakery Tent.  Saturday at Wooster Market they definitely have more and better offerings.   Second time no English Muffins at the Edgewood location.   Gentleman in front of us had them calland he was driving all the way to Norwalk to get them.    I am not that crazy.    Maybe I will scale back on how much I spend with them. I am contemplating seeing if I can place a specific order.   They are expensive (even if very good quality).  $9 spent on two large pretzels and one large croissant.

My market share organic farm.    2 bunches broccoli rabe and a beautiful pint of strawberries.    PREPAID IN FEBRUARY so no points on budget total.   Would have been $11 OOP 

Another great organic farm had swiss chard.  Two large bunches $6

City Seed bakery a large sourdough round load and an onion batard.  $6

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Decluttering, Successes and Failures plus Chores

Now that DD is on her own, I decided it was time to de-clutter the bathroom closet.   Between her and me we were definitely not neat.    I took everything out, throwing out expired OTC meds.   I washed out some bins, cleaned the shelves and then put like with like.   

I picked roses from the studio garden to brighten my teaching room.  

I did a huge fail trying to make stock with the turkey carcass.    The new crockpot far right is NOT high but warm.    (All my other crockpots were left to right off warm low high)    This one is off low high warm.    ARGH.  Total waste of electricity and effort.   

I am trying again with the wings.   This was a success.   

We got the oil on our Rogue For FREE by going to the dealer.  

I impressed the DH with my list/coupons as he came to Shoprite with me after the oil change.   Between paper and digital coupons plus sale I got a turkey hill haymakers lemonade for free (not sure how it will taste as it has honey and vinegar in it) a turkey hill ice cream for free too!    

My SavingStar total is now over $35!

Got a 20 ounce Diet Coke for free after target text coupon and cart app.  

Friday, June 3, 2016

Checkout 51 referral program Earn $5 for signing up by June 15 (and I get $5 too!)

Just received this link from Checkout 51. If you haven't started using this money saving app here is a great way for both of us to earn some $$   Hurry, In order to get the $5, you must sign up by June 15 and upload your first receipt by June 20. 

It takes a long time to cash out, but it does pay.   At $20 you can request a check.    It comes from Canada but was in USD.   Here is my previous checkout 51 post showing payout. 

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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Diagnosis and Medical Bills

Chronic Ulceritive Colitis and Crohns disease.   

No cancer!

Lots of scarring.  Seems I have had it for a long time and it explains alot of the pain I have been experiencing (both internal and joint)

Will need to go on maintenance medication.   Waiting for biopsy to come back before the plan is determined.  

Still no salads.  😥

But at least now we can move forward without worrying (so much).   

I came home today and called the hospital to work out an interest free 48 month payment plan.  A little higher than I wanted, but we will make it work.  Original balance before insurance knock down and payments was almost 20k.  I owe 6500.  

Most of individual bills for Dr's and scans/xrays have already been paid out of HSA or by our medical plan. (So grateful I have always provided this for our family.   With DH out of work losing medical would have been a disaster)  

I then opened the ambulance bill that arrived today.  Got my last name wrong, so I called them right away.  They also listed the call location as my residence (was the studio)  I then gave them insurance information and they will submit for me.   Let us hope they cover some of it.  That bill was $1350.00

Still need to see what the scopes, facility, anesthesiologist, gastroenterologist and biopsy lab costs will be from this week. 

Now to get my attention on something really important.  RECITALS! 

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Second City Seed Market visit (Saturday)

Don't normally get to go on Saturdays, but studio was closed for the Memorial Day weekend.  

I brought 2 milk bottles back to Smith Dairy and bought another bottle for just $2.50.    Best chocolate milk says DH

Four river farm.  8 all beef hotdogs and a pound of beef burgers.   DH was not impressed with these.  We do like their pork products.  

SoNo Bakery.   6 chive English muffins and 6 regular English muffins.   Froze 10 of them and still have 2 in freezer from last week.  I plan on having a revolving surplus of these in the freezer.     2 pretzels, chocolate croissant, crumb cake (all sweets and the pretzels for DH).

Cafe G. 3 small pretzel rolls (for me)

2 large bunches of leeks (for soup)

A bit over a pound of the chicken kale sausage I love.     (kept frozen for future use)

2 apple cider donuts.   

85.50 spent