Sunday, May 1, 2016

Having to change how I eat


So, had a health emergency last week.    Actually asked DH to call 911.    After two days in the hospital it was determined that I have a Cecal Bascale  and also a form of colitis.  Here is some more info.

 The type has not yet be determined.    I have more appointments later this week.  

I am not eating very much.   I have lost 10.9 lbs in the last five days.   I am now on a low fiber diet.   No more salads, my food of choice.    No more Kashi cereal or bars.   No more raw veggies.   No more brown rice.   No whole grains.  Cut way back on coffee (only drink coffee and water)   My extremely healthy diet isn't good for my body.  I am very sad.   

I will share more as I learn and adjust.  I want to continue to stay healthy and avoid more surgery.    


  1. Oh Sandie, I am so sorry to learn of this. Be well!

  2. Oh this doesn't sound very delightful and not a way you want to loose weight. Sorry about your condition but if this change in diet keeps you alive then it's healthy for you, right?

    I hope they get you a diagnosis fast and can help you.
    I'll keep you in my prayers.


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