Monday, May 30, 2016


Argggghhhhh.    Enough already.     Our 25 year old 'beater' car, microwave, studio printer, now the refrigerator is leaking water..........not to mention the 18k and counting medical bills.     Calgon take me away!!!!!!   But I won't actually do a soak as I cannot handle a UTI on top of all of this.    


  1. Oh Sandie! I am so sorry that the notorious Murphy is at your door. Take one step at a time, prioritize.
    1-Transportation: can you live w/ one car for now? is there public transportation available?
    2-fridge-get a referral and find an honest appliance repair shop. How old is the fridge? could it just be the compressor working overtime in this humidity? if it's determined it's time to replace, would you consider a second hand one? many move in June and seek to unload appliances-just a thought
    3-microwave: try the Freecycle network, Waste not want not on Facebook, local Facebook tag sale sites. You should be able to get one cheaply, if not free. I sold the one I bought for my former rental. Only used it a few months, moved here with a built in over the range.
    4-medical bills: is this after insurance? most hospitals will work with you, accept a monthly repayment plan at no interest. That is what i am currently doing. I set a low amount as a payment, and pay more when I am able to.

    I'm sending you a viral glass of iced, herbal tea. You sound so overwhelmed in your post. Take care of yourself. : )

  2. We already took care of the car, micro and printer. The fridge we figured out what it is thanks to YouTube, but DH is not confident or comfortable with doing himself. We are calling a handyman friend this morning. I am still laughing at all this Murphyism, but it is getting harder to laugh.

  3. YIKES!!! That is a LOT of stuff to happen at once! And on top of your DH unemployment and your medical issues?!? Murphy better back off or I'm coming to give him a serious butt kicking! =) Hugs!


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