Sunday, May 29, 2016

Backyard and Frontyard

Bunny laying in the garlic

This chipmunk was just not afraid of me at all.  

Cute little bunny

Beautiful lilacs.   A housewarming gift from a friend when we bought out house in 2008.  I have been enjoying bringing the flowers inside.  Once it's done blooming I will shape it.  This is the first year we had so many blooms!

I looked up this bird by description on Google.  Credit to

Here is the same bird in my yard.   

Below is a blue canary?  Escaped pet perhaps?

We caught a raccoon climbing up this old clothesline via our video recorder. We put it out because something kept breaking the line and emptying the feeders.   So, we got rid of it.  We now have this

Still have to cut the pole down from the clothesline, it's cemented into the ground. 

This is what I love about our home.    All the creatures 

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  1. You have a bluebird! Lots of them here on my end of the state.


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