Sunday, April 17, 2016

The job search is on

I have to say, that I'm very glad that we got our taxes done. Found out that I had overpaid thanks to putting a lot of money in our 401K and HSA accounts for 2015.

Not having to pay quarterly taxes or a tax shortage in the month of April was a blessing. We were able to put new brakes on my husbands car, new tires on our beater car, and take a little weekend trip to our favorite spot in Pennsylvania.   While there we finally got the Adirondack chairs at an excellent price that we have been shopping for for two years.

We knew there were problems with my husband's company. They lost their contract in the states of Connecticut and Massachusetts. My husband was given two weeks notice so we have one more pay check. Plus a weeks worth of vacation. No other severance pay.   He can file for unemployment.

This adds to my personal stress, as I know my studio is losing one teacher Midsummer. The way that my mind works… I've added a full load of group classes for the summer months.   This doesn't mean that they will fill, but it's my way of knowing that I've done everything that I can.

I already work quite a bit as most of you know. I'm sure we will be OK as long as he can find something before his unemployment runs out.

It doesn't help that grandpa P keeps bringing it up. So be patient with me blogger friends, I will try to stay positive and not let it stress me too much. It's in Gods hands.


  1. Oh holy crap! That's a lot to deal with!! Will keep you in kind thoughts. Hopefully the grumpy old man can keep his comments to himself - no one deserves that stress

  2. I was wondering how GrandpaP was going to take the news.... =( Hugs to you guys and, since you are doing everything you can job search wise and studio wise, the best advice I can give is to try to keep your husband's morale up. I know Papa's took quite a hit when it happened to us. Talk to you this week to make plans. =)

  3. How long is unemployment these days?....I have no clue since the Recession and everyone was getting 99+ weeks of it.
    Having no clue what your DH does I hope there is something comparable in salary to what he was making out there. CT is a very expensive place to live but you already know that.
    I'll keep good thoughts for him in his search....

  4. So sorry, Sandie. Keeping you in my thoughts.


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