Friday, April 29, 2016


The I am so happy it has warmed up.    I had already budgeted money to purchase New black mulch that was on sale five bags for $10. This was at Home Depot. I also bought two bags of garden soil. Total spent on 10 bags of mulch into soil was $20 plus tax.

I will have to find a way to budget some more money to replace the metal fence pieces that I had around the porch border.  I bought them on sale with the coupon eight years ago. Their puzzle pieces that fit together but two of them of broken and some of them are starting to rust out. So this is probably the last season I can use it. I feel we've gotten our moneys worth.

This is the little fence that I mentioned. But I put out each spring. Very heavy duty but has seen its last season. Notice the nice orange glass bottle? That was a birthday gift from my mother.  Matches our new PA Dutch chairs!

Brass musical mushrooms that when the wind blows just right tinkle like bells.

Copper birdbath that I bought 10 years ago from a bird shop that was closing definitely got my moneys worth with this item.

Tulips are blooming!

My Hobby Lobby Gnomes. 

Got this adorable gnome village from Runnings in NH for just $24.00 the last time we were there.

All of the above pictures were taken last week.  Look at what things are shaping up to be this week!

Columbine.  Need to get that maple sapling out of there. 

Tulip, my favorite flower. 

More Columbine

Come one, gnomes AND a fiddle.  How could I not?  $12 at Runnings.  Love that store.  It's also solar, lights up the Welcome sign. 

Rhubarb pie this summer!

With strawberries!

Beautiful chives. 

Asparagus already!

Garlic is almost ready too, starting to brown.  I realized I planted the wrong kind to get scapes.  Oops, sorry Margaret. 

Peas please!

And look at that front bed now with the orange bottle!

Lilys of the valley coming up near bell mushrooms

Baby bunnies!


  1. Love the pics! I didn't realize you could plant already! Although it seems that I am running late EVERY year we decide to garden! I guess Papa and I better get our butts into the garden this week/next weekend!

  2. Most of these are perennials. The garlic was planted last fall. Lettuces and peas were planted several weeks ago.


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