Sunday, March 6, 2016


Okay, we have all seen the ads.  Free shipping on ANYTHING?  Well, we finally looked into it for three reasons.

Reason 1 we have been talking about replacing our TV Stand.  We got a new larger TV almost two years ago, and can you see the dip in the stand?

Then we got this catalog in the mail

Then we saw an ad again saying Free shipping.

Well, what a deal we got.  Solid wood TV Stand.  Weighed 271 pounds!  Delivered FREE!  I also had a 10% off code AND it was on sale.  Total spent 165.60.   Yes, did need some assembly, took DH 3 hours, but look!

And I posted the old one on Facebook for free just to my own friends and one of my old student's parents are coming to get it on Saturday.  The dip is no longer there once we took off the too big for it TV.     This student's grandmother was actually a trainer for me years ago in an international children's music program.  Love sharing with people who were part if my world.  


  1. What a steal! Not able to buy new furniture now but will remember this for the future!

  2. Great deal, and solid wood, too!


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