Thursday, March 3, 2016

Big Y Shopping Trip

Last Thursday I did a trip to get produce and a few deals.    

Bananas .49 less .25 IBOTTA,  Cucumber .99 less .25 Checkout 51, Zucchini 1.28, Eggplant 2.39, Celery 1.67, Onion .93 less .25 IBOTTA, Organic baby carrots 2.28

Minute Rice 2.39 less $1.00 Checkout 51, Big Y bread .99 less IBOTTA .50 Progresso Soup 6.00 less 1.00 SavingStar and .50 IBOTTA

2 lbs of 90% Ground Beef, 2 lbs of Turkey cutlets, 2 lbs of ground chicken breast.  All were part of the 4 for $20 deal.  All but one package of turkey cutlets was used in the meals posted earlier today.  I froze the last package of Turkey for another meal later in the month.    I did receive the deal price on everything even though I bought 6 items.  

Total 49.41 spent less all app deals 3.75 = $45.66.      The best part?   I used a $50.00 gift card that DH bought on Cyber Monday for $45!

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  1. Nice! It's awesome when Big Y has their sales! I just need to watch the OTHER stuff I put into my cart when shopping there since some of the stuff not on sale can be overpriced.


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