Wednesday, March 9, 2016

4 things about me (started by Sluggy and CTMOM)

A fun way to share some things about me. 

Four songs I listen to:  I tend to not listen to music when not at work, but if I did, Led Zep, Aerosmith, anything Baroque, Parsonfield

Four things I hate:  pain, beating around the bush, dishonesty, feeling cold. 

Four places I have worked: a liquor distributor, a private music school, a private elementary school, a private music school (my own!)

Four things I love to watch:  The walking dead (don't judge!) HGTV, historical documentaries, Shark Tank.

Four places I have visited:  California, Canada, Las Vegas (where DH and I married), all New England.

Four things I love to eat:  all veggies, eggs, all seafood (not bivalves, allergic), cheese

Four favorite drink:  coffee hot, coffee iced, water, real lemonade

Four shows/plays:  Evil Dead the Musical (DD's first interactive play experience), Les Miserables, Guys and Dolls, (can't think of another at the moment)

Four things I am happily anticipating:  Gpa P going to FL for a few weeks, visiting Amish Country again in April,gardening, SPRING!

Four things I am dreading: I can only think of one thing, possibly needing to return to the Dr's to deal with a pain issue, doing DD's taxes

Four items on my bucket list:  I must admit that I made one in 2007 when recovering from a major illness/surgery.  I have done everything on it except pay off our house and  see my DD settled in her adult life (though she is almost there!)

For names I am called:  Ms.Sandie, CiCi, Mrs. J, Mom
Four people I think will respond: CTMOM, CTBARGAINMOM, TRAYCEEBEE , Maybe Sluggy


  1. Spring has sprung or Mother Nature is just teasing! 77 today, when I left work!

  2. Wow! What a fingers got tired, or it was my eyes? Good job!


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