Friday, February 5, 2016

Grocery Purchases and meals this week

New month new numbers. So far this month we went to BJ's and bought a gallon of orange juice,  gallon of milk, huge warehouse size a bag of french fries (DH grab) salmon,  a rack of ribs (DH grab) beef jerky(DH grab) onion dip (super bowl),  tabouli (my grab)  Arnold sandwich thins (froze half)  and a pick and pack of two bags of potato chips (superbowl). Two pack of Land O Lakes light spreadable butter. A four pack of Birdseye frozen veggies (oversized bags)   A 35 ounce jar of unsalted dry roasted peanuts (bimonthly staple)  a 24 variety pack of individually wrapped nuts (DH grab) and a box of thinaddictive pistachio thins. Those are for me!  Total paid after coupons was $127.96    

Of this I ate Salmon 6 meals and Gpa P and DH once.   DH and Gpa P ate ribs 4 times between the two of them (I only tasted a bite, not my thing)

  At big Y I purchased chicken noodle soup already made from the deli because I was not feeling very well on Wednesday evening.  . I will admit mine is better I won't be doing that again.  A thinly sliced Ciabatta loaf. I preferred to get the sliced ones because they seem to last longer. Five yogurts for my darling husband. A loaf of white bread also for my husband. Please, please don't laugh, an Oscar Meyer lunchables nacho (salsa/cheese) . Yes those are not needed, nor the best thing for him to eat I do give him fruits and veggies in his lunch box as well.....But he likes to have chips and salsa and I can't seem to find the individual packages of salsa anymore. Jars have not worked in his lunch at all nor have small Tupperware containers. So once in a while I get him this treat.

I bought a head of iceberg lettuce,  a small bag of baby carrots almost 3 pounds of broccoli rabe some apples and three tomatoes on the vine. I received back $.50 on the lettuce and the tomatoes from  Ibotta.  I also bought two 5 ounce frozen containers of lobster meat buy one get one free. Also a HUGE glass jar of jalepeno slices (HOT) on the crash and burn table.  Total after Ibotta rebate (got it within 20 minutes of purchase) was 58.91    Cash paid at both locations.

We have had the salmon/rice/frozen veggies (8 lunch/dinner servings).  Ribs, french fries (the men enjoyed 4 servings) broccoli rabe and chicken sausage (6 lunch/dinner servings) , tuna salad sandwiches, tacos (hence the purchase of the lettuce/tomato....everything else in house)

And I made chili with the leftover taco meat today (SNOWDAY!) adding to it one can of tomatoes, half a cup of salsa, onions (leftover chopped from tacos) a can of Kidney beans rinsed and my secret ingredient, a can of refried beans (probably gotten for FREE, I never pay for these, always wait for a sale/coupon)

The chili should last through Saturday and I will have it then for dinner (men are going to a wild game dinner)

Sunday we are having people over, and everyone chips in financially.  We are getting two half trays from a local caterer and I'm picking up a 3 ft sub from BJ's (have a $5 coupon)

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  1. I think you did really well with these trips and utilizing what you bought. I like the idea of having everyone chip in to the Super Bowl party. Since it's only the four of us (possibly three since my youngest may go to her BFF's), we are keeping it small and sticking to only the treats we absolutely love.


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