Friday, February 26, 2016

Quick Soup!

Pumpkin from the freezer that I had roasted earlier in the winter. Half an onion. Rest of a ready to go to the compost celery. A piece of butter. A cup of water. Tablespoon of cinnamon. And after six hours voila!  Soup!


Quart jar of homemade maple syrup!  Gifted by a neighbor of the Uncles.   Yummo!

Sunday, February 21, 2016

New sheer voile curtains for very little OOP

At times the sun is blinding coming into our living room window. I had beautiful long drapes pulled to the side of each window but I don't like to close them because they were so long. I decided to get 63 inch sheers and have been looking for a good deal.

I had $30 in Kohls cash, $10 in earned rewards that you get back in your email, and my husband had received an $11 gift certificate in the mail for being an 11 year customer. $51 at Kohls to spend. After discussing any needs with my husband we decided that I would look for a curtain deal here.

 I narrowed the search by color and length.  I then did the math to see what the best deal would be these are the sheer curtains that I decided upon. They actually match the wall color perfectly.

After deciding upon my purchase I logged in to Ebates and then went to Kohls through their browser.

I put eight panels in my cards they were on sale for $8.99 each originally $14.99 each. After deducting all of my certificates, and using the love 30 code to get 30% off I ended up spending $16.15 for over $100 worth of product. Of that total that I spent $8.95 was the shipping and $.96 was the tax. Even better?  I scored $6.90 back from Ebates (on the starting total)  So, a full picture window dressed for $9.25.    I thought that was a deal.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Another piece of furniture search is over

DH has been an amateur watch/clockmaker since I can remember.    He has taken a few classes and is a member of NAWCC (watch clock society). 

He has been searching for a quality vintage/antique watchmakers table for at least 15 years.  

The search is over!

$300.   Built in electric, plenty of felted drawers and lap shelf.   We have seen similar ones in worse shape for much more.  

His hobby room is so much more pleasant to walk into now.  

Thursday, February 18, 2016

More meals from the freezer/pantry

I am determined to use up what we have. And I have been slowly emptying out the house freezer.

I made shrimp corn chowder using a Free to me me aspic box of corn soup (after manufacturers coupon and saving star app ), three purchased in error cans of cream of corn from the ShopRite cancan sale, and a small bag of f shrimp.   A few turns of freshly ground pepper and one shake of red pepper flakes!  Delish.   

The last chicken carcass from freezer with another bag of veggie scraps cooking off now to create stock.    I have some baggies of frozen chopped chicken to add to this when ready as well as carrots, onion, celery and some frozen herbs from the garden and the farmers market.   

This frozen ham slice as well as frozen broccoli ends will become a quiche.    This was the best broccoli I have ever eaten (farmers market!).   The ends were so sweet and tender I could not throw them out.    

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

It pays to write to a company

I get a newsletter once in a while from earthbound Farm organic products. In this last newsletter it said click here for $.75 coupon. No matter what browser alI used, it would loop me back around to the beginning of where I started and say that I didn't have an account with them. But I would enter in my email and password it would say great you are a member click here. And round and round it went.

I wrote to customer service and they wrote me back and said it had then fixed and to try again. Same problem so I wrote again, said I was having the same problem as detailed in the below email communications and could they possibly mail me a coupon. I was only hoping for a $.75 coupon. I got a really nice letter a recipe book and all of these coupons!!

SCORE!!! nicely done earthbound Farm

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Sunday Sauce and Baking

Today proved a rough day for DH. Delivery trucks breaking down deliveries getting moved from truck to van multiple trips back to work. It's now 8 PM and he's basically been gone since 5 AM.   

He did come Home twice to eat. But other than that I have not seen him.

So what do you do when your husband's not home on the Sunday? You cook. You clean. You do swag bucks and pinterest.  I made a point not to do any work today.

Sauce with meatballs and sausage. I made spaghetti squash for myself and pasta for the men.

Chocolate Bundt cake with whipped frosting.

Banana coconut bread with walnuts topping.

Eating from what we have

Though the Super Bowl purchases threw my pocketbook for a little loop, we actually did very well this week.

For the week's lunches and dinners and sometimes breakfast with Gpa P, we finished the 3 foot sub, the stuffed breads, vegetable platter. The cheese and pepperoni were not touched.

The big pot of soup I made was finished.

The two chicken breasts I had taken out of the freezer were used to make my husband's famous chopped salad.

The pork chops I took out were used to make smothered porkchops in the crockpot with a can of Campbell's cream of mushroom soup, some fresh mushrooms left over from the vegetable platter, and an onion.

I never put a starch in my soups and Gpa P wanted some pasta so he made a box of elbow macaroni from the pantry. The leftovers of this box of pasta (it was only 12 ounces!) was used with the smothered pork and to make a pasta salad. All ingredients were already in the house.

Not bad!

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Work week of walking

Not too shabby.   Still been dealing with the shoulder issue actually went for a therapeutic massage yesterday. Started getting very dizzy around 8 PM thought it was from the massage but turns out I think I have some kind of a bug.

But walking for the week went well I was in a competition with some friends and this was my final total.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Completely free to me

For weekly readers you might remember that I had posted that My Husband liked salsa in his lunch but I was having difficulty finding singleserve containers. We had tried glass and plastic ware containers with little success in his lunch box. He's a little rough, LOL.

I had been saving Amazon gift cards for a while, and in browsing the prime pantry offerings I thought let me see if they have single serve salsa.

Completely free to me (or DH's lunchbox)

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Almost Free pain relief

Still nursing shoulder injury (old, recurring)  It is becoming bothersome, and I'm thinking an orthopedic visit with a cortisone shot might need to happen.  Trying to avoid it with stretches, motrin, heat and ice.   Massage/therapy appointment has been moved up three times due to weather.  Hopefully get seen Friday.  So, using another $5 ECB, I got the below item.   It does heat up nicely and I can put it under clothes.  I dug for a bonus pack, got 5 of them for just $2.44.  Worth it.  

Updated grocery totals

Well, massive fail for my DH with NOT drinking the Uncles soda purchased last month.  I thought (per his words) that these 12 packs would last us at least 5 months.  Nope, DH got a taste for the diet Sunkist soda, and has been drinking it.  Grrrrrr

So, I purchased the last 4 cases of Sunkist Diet and 2 cases of Dr. Pepper Diet.  I had a $5 ECB that was due to expire and used that.  Total spent 21.68

Arggghhhh Total spent this month $425.28.  Some of anticipated 'kick in' didn't happen Sunday (Uncle requested we order the trays, and I totally expected him to reimburse us.....he seems to be depending on us feeding him more and more)

As I write this he did a pop in and was complaining I didn't give him enough chili to take home.  I said I was going to start charging him a food stipend.  He got quiet, LOL.

So, trying very hard to not do much more this month.  I truly was hoping to be under 350 based on all the Can Can purchases.  Didn't happen.

Only purchases will be produce and dairy rest of the month.  New goal is no more than 500.

Really looking forward to spring and being able to access my Market Share at the farmers market.  So glad that I did that.  Future produce (most of it, as the farm I did it with sometimes has some more exotic veggies) covered for the spring/summer quarter.  

Monday, February 8, 2016

Swagbucks? UPDATE

Can someone explain it to me?  I was doing a qualifier for a survey and got chosen.  I spent 20 minutes doing the 18 minute survey to get to the end have it tell me I completed it but the survey was closed out.

Is this a scam?  Do they have you do the surveys just to NOT give you the bucks?

UPDATE  When I relogged in the next morning the points were there!  Thanks everyone for the information.  I have now done two more surveys and points were credited.   I cannot sit long enough to do more than one a day, but I am trying to be more proactive in getting this little extra 'pin money'.

DH says I'm silly.  But I say every little bit helps.

More food purchases and SuperBowl food

While all the men screamed at the tv last night I read, made my button crafts and enjoyed my own company.  

So, we made some more purchases.  We will eat off of the Superbowl food for at least today and tomorrow.  So I am not taking out too much to cook this week.  

At the produce market I bought three stuffed breads (broccoli/sasauge, eggplant and broccoli rabe/sausage)  The rabe is still hidden away in the 2nd fridge, and their is half of the other two breads left.  1.5 lbs of fresh broccoli crowns, an almost 3 lb spaghetti squash, 3/4 lb plum tomatoes, cuke, mushrooms and clearanced bananas.  2 sticks of boars head pepperoni, 2 loaves of italian bread, spring mix, salad dressing (my indulgence, blue cheese) and a large hummus.  $64.71

Bj's warehouse we picked up 3 cases of spring water (48 bottles each case) 2 bags tortilla chips, a 5 lb platter of wings that included a Marzetti dip, a veggie tray that included a Marzetti dip (had $7.00 coupons off of these) 32 ounce Irish cheese, 2 lb sour cream, guacamole, twin pack large Ranch dressings and a 3 ft sub (yes, that's right, and more than 2 ft are still left)  I had a $5 coupon off of that and Gpa P gave me the money for it as well as he wanted it.  Total out of my pocket was $93.02

Last was sausage peppers and eggplant half trays picked up from a local restaurant.  $59.00

Uncle took home part of the sandwich and eggplant as well as some chili I had made earlier in the week.  

We still have eggplant, sausage, veggies, wings and stuffed breads.  Plus that darned sub, lol.  

I also made stock Saturday into Sunday, and today I have a nice chicken (carcass and left over meat taken from freezer) vegetable soup bubbling away.  I'm looking forward to having some of that as all those fancy junk foods made my stomach not so happy (I had veggies, some of the wings and the sandwich, not used to eating all those processed meats)

Project number 2 done and 3 started

I've been sorting buttons for days whenever I have a spare minute.  This is what I made for my DD based on her color choices.  The small buttons are NOT vintage or antique.  I used them to make the outline.  All of the larger buttons and accent buttons are.

See the adorable mirror button?

I got a set of 6 of these high heel shoe buttons on their original card!

Phase 1 of project number 3

Phase 2

Phase 3   Now I'm adding more of the vintage unique buttons

Still have to figure out how to do phase 4.............

Friday, February 5, 2016

Meeting Personal Goals!

I think I have done pretty good this week with the walking goal.  

Lowest day, I had to sleep. 

And today isn't over yet!

Grocery Purchases and meals this week

New month new numbers. So far this month we went to BJ's and bought a gallon of orange juice,  gallon of milk, huge warehouse size a bag of french fries (DH grab) salmon,  a rack of ribs (DH grab) beef jerky(DH grab) onion dip (super bowl),  tabouli (my grab)  Arnold sandwich thins (froze half)  and a pick and pack of two bags of potato chips (superbowl). Two pack of Land O Lakes light spreadable butter. A four pack of Birdseye frozen veggies (oversized bags)   A 35 ounce jar of unsalted dry roasted peanuts (bimonthly staple)  a 24 variety pack of individually wrapped nuts (DH grab) and a box of thinaddictive pistachio thins. Those are for me!  Total paid after coupons was $127.96    

Of this I ate Salmon 6 meals and Gpa P and DH once.   DH and Gpa P ate ribs 4 times between the two of them (I only tasted a bite, not my thing)

  At big Y I purchased chicken noodle soup already made from the deli because I was not feeling very well on Wednesday evening.  . I will admit mine is better I won't be doing that again.  A thinly sliced Ciabatta loaf. I preferred to get the sliced ones because they seem to last longer. Five yogurts for my darling husband. A loaf of white bread also for my husband. Please, please don't laugh, an Oscar Meyer lunchables nacho (salsa/cheese) . Yes those are not needed, nor the best thing for him to eat I do give him fruits and veggies in his lunch box as well.....But he likes to have chips and salsa and I can't seem to find the individual packages of salsa anymore. Jars have not worked in his lunch at all nor have small Tupperware containers. So once in a while I get him this treat.

I bought a head of iceberg lettuce,  a small bag of baby carrots almost 3 pounds of broccoli rabe some apples and three tomatoes on the vine. I received back $.50 on the lettuce and the tomatoes from  Ibotta.  I also bought two 5 ounce frozen containers of lobster meat buy one get one free. Also a HUGE glass jar of jalepeno slices (HOT) on the crash and burn table.  Total after Ibotta rebate (got it within 20 minutes of purchase) was 58.91    Cash paid at both locations.

We have had the salmon/rice/frozen veggies (8 lunch/dinner servings).  Ribs, french fries (the men enjoyed 4 servings) broccoli rabe and chicken sausage (6 lunch/dinner servings) , tuna salad sandwiches, tacos (hence the purchase of the lettuce/tomato....everything else in house)

And I made chili with the leftover taco meat today (SNOWDAY!) adding to it one can of tomatoes, half a cup of salsa, onions (leftover chopped from tacos) a can of Kidney beans rinsed and my secret ingredient, a can of refried beans (probably gotten for FREE, I never pay for these, always wait for a sale/coupon)

The chili should last through Saturday and I will have it then for dinner (men are going to a wild game dinner)

Sunday we are having people over, and everyone chips in financially.  We are getting two half trays from a local caterer and I'm picking up a 3 ft sub from BJ's (have a $5 coupon)

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Starting to meet some personal goals

So I posted five things to sell online both on Facebook pages and craigslist. One of the items is an expensive instrument and of course I already got to scam responses on that one. Very interesting one of them even found my business and called the business and with a robotic automated voice wanted to buy the instrument and once the check clears they would arrange for movers. LOL

I met my walking goal though I had to walk half asleep to make sure I reached it yesterday.

DH and I also went to BJ's.  Got some things that we were out of as well as some other items for the Super Bowl get together.  I will post totals later.