Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Meat/Seafood deal at Stop and Shop

Thanks to Carol over at CTONABUDGET I looked at my Stop & Shop flyer to see that they had two deals that we could utilize.

With a $25 purchase I could get 2 pounds of shrimp for 5.88 a pound. I could also get 80% ground beef for 2.99 a pound. Since we have no ground beef in the house I thought this would be something that I should look into.

While looking through  the ad I also realized they had the Perdue chicken cutlets that I had purchased at ShopRite last month for the same price of 5.99. I still had one more two dollar coupon. I also knew that we needed swiffer wet jet pads for the studio, so I figured that would help bring me to the $25 mark.   It did!

For the meat and seafood pictured I paid $25.59. There is almost 7 pounds of protein. I can make at least two meals out of the shrimp and three of the ground beef.  The chicken another meal.  All would have leftovers! (or so I hope) Six different entrĂ©es for the price of approximately $1.42 per protein serving (if no leftovers). I am very happy with those numbers.


  1. Great bargains - Crazy how little it ends up being per person for dinner proteins! =)

  2. Used some of my ground beef for burgers for 2 tonight, and a pot of hamburger-vegetable soup

  3. Next week Shoprite has London broil AND with coupon 80% Ground Beef $2.49 lb!


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